How do I replace drum brake linings

BMW 5 Series Repair Instructions :: Replace brake pads for drum brakes

Model "e12" (4-cylinder and 520/6 to 7/81)

Glued linings must be replaced with brake shoes; in the case of riveted linings, only the brake linings are replaced. attention: if you lack experience or tools are not available, have work carried out by a specialist workshop.

  • Remove brake shoes.

Danger: Always replace all linings on an axle, even if only one lining is worn or damaged. Use only BMW spare parts pads of the same quality.

  • Drill rivets for brake linings with a suitable drill and remove them from the brake shoes with a punch.

    Remove the linings from the brake shoes.

  • Clean the brake shoes well on the contact surfaces, but do not apply any adhesives or other agents between the brake linings and the shoes.

  • The new lining must fit perfectly on the brake shoe and must not protrude from the side. Insert the rivets in the order 1 to 5, see illustration.

  • Rivet the coverings with the appropriate tool.
  • Install brake shoes, adjust rear brake.
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