What is offensive to the shooter


It is forbidden to meet another person in public or in front of several people (at least three people different from the perpetrator and the victim)

  • to curse
  • to mock
  • to abuse the body or
  • threatening physical abuse.

For the offense of insult is one Imprisonment of up to three months or a fine of up to 180 daily rates intended.

The term libel includes, among other things, swear words and ridicule in public (e.g. stupid, stupid, pig). Public is when the action can be perceived directly by a larger group of people. In forums, chats and on homepages one can actually always assume a public.

Anyone who allows themselves to be carried away to insult because they understandably react to an insult to another, i.e. they hit back, is excused. The "counter strike" must take place quickly after the first insult. This is especially important for chats. In any case, this approach is not recommended


Even with anonymous participation in a chat room, there may be an insult. If, for example, the offended person regularly appears under the same nickname and can no longer use this nickname due to the loss of image.

Report to the operator

If the offense of insult is committed on the Internet, for example by publishing a contribution in a chat or discussion forum or by publishing a contribution on a website, it is possible to report the infringement to the operator of the forum or the website and the To request deletion of the corresponding contribution.

Criminal prosecution

The insult is a Private prosecution.

Legal bases

Last updated: February 8, 2021

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