Why is my Instagram app not opening

Apps / software Instagram crashes - what to do?


If the Instagram app crashes a lot, that's pretty annoying. Fortunately, the cause is usually not a serious error, but an overloaded cell phone memory or a missing update. This article will walk you through how to fix the problem and get the Instagram app working again.

Instagram is crashing - here's how to fix it

The screen freezes and after a while the message "App paused" appears - Instagram has crashed. Or you just get kicked out of the app. If this happens more often, it can have various causes. Most of the errors that cause Instagram to crash are easy to fix yourself:

Overloaded memory

With older smartphones in particular, the main memory can be overloaded if too many or complex applications are open. One solution for this is often the crashed app and other unnecessary ones Close apps. For Android, hold down the Home or Menu button; for iPhone, swipe slowly from the bottom up. You will then see all open apps and can close them individually or all at once. After that, restart Instagram.

Another way to free up memory is a Restart your device. To do this, press and hold the power button on the edge of your device until the start options appear. Then select "Restart". After the restart, open Instagram again.

Often help out too Uninstall and reinstall the appto fix crashes.

Overloaded cell phone or app storage

Even if your phone's permanent memory is too full, it can lead to app crashes. To fix that, you can delete temporary files from your smartphone. To do this, go to the settings and then to the item "Storage". Here you search for “free up space” or “delete temporary data.” You can also move photos and videos that you don't need to another device or to a cloud.


On Android, you can also clear temporary data and the app cache directly for Instagram. To do this, go to "Applications" or "Apps" in the settings of your mobile phone and look for Instagram in the list of your apps. Tap it, then tap Storage. Here you can now "delete data" and "empty the cache". After that, restart your phone.

Upcoming updates for Instagram

Another cause of repeated app crashes can be that your Instagram version is out of date. You should therefore check regularly in the app or play store for new updates for the Instagram app. If so, install it. Alternatively, you can uninstall and reinstall the entire Instagram app. Your data will be retained.