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Operating theaters, rooms with high-frequency surgery, IT rooms or other areas with particularly high security requirements require a conductive floor covering to prevent electrostatic discharges. According to EN14041 Elastic, textile and laminate floors - essential properties or. EN Resilient floor coverings - Determination of electrical resistance Floor coverings are considered dissipative if the volume resistance or the surface resistance often stated is ≤ 109Ω is.

Dissipative textile, rubber, vinyl and linoleum floor coverings from various manufacturers are offered. They must all be properly earthed at one or more earthing point (s). In practice, this means that the coverings are glued to a copper tape grid with a conductive adhesive or, depending on the manufacturer and type of flooring, only with copper tape flags. The electrical engineer then connects the copper tape to a point that can be earthed in accordance with VDE regulations.

Some manufacturers also offer conductive plastic floor coverings that have a conductive back (black conductive back). If approved by the manufacturer, these can also only be glued to a copper tape with normal adhesive. Exceptions to this are very dry or insulating substrates such as chipboard, dry screed, mastic asphalt, underfloor heating or substrates treated with epoxy resin primers. They require a conductive adhesive.

Whether a conductive adhesive is necessary depends on the type of floor covering. The specifications for professional conductive installation are usually included in the installation recommendation for the respective floor covering. It should be noted that the discharge of electrostatic charges is only guaranteed if all layers and materials are conductive.

Definitions according to EN 14041:

  • Electrostatically dissipative / dissipative floor coverings: volume resistance ≤ 109Ω (ISO 10965)
  • Electrically conductive floor coverings: volume resistance ≤ 106Ω (ISO 10965)
  • Antistatic floor coverings: body voltage ≤ 2 kV


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