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Use a different page for your SharePoint site home page

SharePoint pages with the new experience are a great way to share ideas using images, documents and web parts. You can create and publish pages quickly and easily, and they look great on any device. You can also make an existing page the home page for your website, even if you are using a classic SharePoint.


  • You must be the website owner to set another page as the home page.

  • The page you use as your home page must be in the Pages (or website pages) library on your website. Otherwise, the Edit button and other features will not be available.

If you haven't already created a page, you can do so using the steps in Adding a Page to a Website.

Once you have a published page that you want to use for your homepage:

  1. Select your site's SharePoint in left navigation area Pages off.

    (If Pages is not displayed, select you Settings > out. On the Site Contents page, select Website pages.)

  2. In the Pages Library, find the page you want to make a homepage and select the circular radio button to the left of the page title.

  3. Pick the vertical ellipses next to the page title and then homepage create from.

Note: If you don't see the menu options described above, your page library may appear on the classic signage. To see these options, switch to the new Be experience in your document library by pressing below select end classic experience on the left. For more information about switching from and to the classic Be user experience, see Switching the default list or document library experience from newer or classic.