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With the takeover of a product information service, ZOOMIT.COM wants to take the lead in online shopping

Oslo, Norway (ots-PRNewswire) - Zoomit will now offer a unique mix of product information and price comparison that really helps consumers shop on the web!

ZOOMIT.COM came to its goal of leading position
in the European online shopping market one step closer by announcing a formal agreement with the Dutch company Koopwijzer BV to take over Koopwijzer BV's Dutch business through a share swap, including the most up-to-date product database and comparison options.

Currently Koopwijzer.nl is one of the most popular guides for interactive buyers in the Netherlands. The company's product comparison service was launched in September 1999. Koopwijzer.nl focuses on the need for objective and accessible information and enables consumers to choose and compare products, exchange opinions, receive test results and find information about online stores.

"We are excited about the acquisition," says Johan Dolven, Chief Executive Officer of ZOOMIT.COM. "Not only will we have a strong presence in the Netherlands, but we will be able to better serve our users by providing a wider range of relevant information. We can not only help people find the best price, but also to track down the best product. That really adds value! "

ZOOMIT.COM will implement the product information service step by step, starting with the Netherlands plus an English version for all of Europe. This fall, versions in eight additional languages ​​will be added. Product comparison will be possible for a wide range of products, from washing machines to cell phones.

"Our goal is to become the most popular first port of call for shopping on the web in Europe and we are rapidly moving in that direction. Consumers usually appreciate the price and product comparison before they buy. ZOOMIT.COM is the go-to if you want to shop smartly on the internet, "adds Erik Osmundsen, Chairman of ZOOMIT.COM.

Due to the Koopwijzer takeover, the ZOOMIT.COM website will have the following new and enhanced functions:

- Real-time price comparisons of products from more than 400 international shops that deliver their products in Europe

- Detailed product information on more than 6,000 products from more than 45 categories

- The most user-friendly interface for price and product comparisons on the whole web

- Direct access to the shopping offer and the product information in the selected shop

- For popular products, price and product comparisons with one click

  • Consumer reviews of products and shops
  • Comprehensive shopping guide with more than 2,500 European stores

ZOOMIT.COM product comparison

ZOOMIT.COM ASA secured 13 million Dutch guilders in the first financing round in February of this year. The main investors include Norwegian venture capital firm Kistefos and two UK-based funds, as well as the company's founders and employees.

ZOOMIT.COM was founded in Norway in 1997 under the name "Zoom Network" by Per Siljubergaasen, the founder of the Scandinavian-based company Mogul.com, and by William Klippgen, a leading programming expert at the US megaportal Exite.com. The website was launched in 1998 and 1999 in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The Norwegian version, Zoomit.no, received the pan-European "IP-Top Award" at the Interactive Publishing Conference last year in Zurich. The service was renamed ZOOMIT.COM in June 2000.

The Norwegian version of Zoomit, Zoomit.no, already won the title "Best shopping site" in February 2000 and received the silver medal for "best use of cutting edge technology" as part of the annual "Gulltaggen" awards.

The Swedish website Zoomit.se was rated in August 2000 by the recognized Swedish IDG magazine "Internetguiden" as the "best shopping site".

How to find Zoomit and Koopwijzer on the Internet: You can find all Zoomit websites at www.zoomit.com. You can find information about Koopwijzer in Dutch at www.koopwijzer.nl.

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