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Exchange phases in GAEB DA XML

The following data exchange phases are described in the GAEB DA XML technical documentation, among others:

X81 description of services - LV and necessary attachments. The course always consists of the descriptions of the partial services with their attributes, sorted by ordinal numbers. As a rule, it does not contain any prices (exception: temporary work).

X82 cost approach - The cost approach consists of the specification of services with estimated prices and is used for awarding decisions. At the same time, if it is updated, it is the basis for cost control during construction.

X83 Request for Quotation - After technical coordination, the list of services without prices (exception: temporary contract work) will be forwarded to the companies interested in the execution of the construction work with the request to submit an offer. This phase also includes supplements.

X84 submission of tenders - The bidders who take part in the bidding process complete the specification of services with their prices, bidding additions and free quantities and send it back as an offer to the tendering body. The time of the submission of the offer is fixed in the request for offer. This phase also includes supplements.

Important: The planner writes in the format X83 (LV without prices). The contractor or bidder writes back in the X84 format (bidder prices and text additions).