Who does your laundry

Translation of "your laundry" in spanish

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tu rope
Stick with you your laundry elsewhere.
Hol your laundry off the leash.
Congratulations, I see you have your laundry washed.
No, no, do it your laundry finished.
You could even your laundry do here.
No ... who does then your laundry?
Congratulations, I see you have your laundry washed.
Felicidades, veo que lavaste tu rope.
Leg your laundry and your dishes on the door.
Pon tu rope y los platos en la puerta.
I wash your laundrysince you were six.
Hey lavado tu rope desde que tenías 6 años.
If you don't like us, like us your laundry wash, feel free to do it yourself.
Si no te gusta cómo se lava tu rope... ... eres bienvenido a hacerlo por ti mismo. Toma.
Someone does your laundryit costs a pair of fluffs.
Quieres que laven tu rope, dos cigarrillos.
If you win, I'll do a month your laundry.
Si tú ganas, lavaré tu rope por un mes.
There was a break in this marathon, and that's where I want to your laundry to wash.
El maratón en TV hizo una pausa y aproveché para lavar tu rope.
Listen, I wash for a whole month your laundry.
Está bien, lavaré tu rope por un mes entero.
And if something is stopping you your laundry To wash on Saturdays at 8:15 pm, ...
Y si algo fuera a impeded que lavaras tu rope en sábado a las 8:15.
I found this in your room when I did your laundry have brought away.
Encontré esto en tu habitación cuando llevé do colada.
And who will then your laundry wash and feed you?
Y, ¿quién va a lavar tu rope y alimentarte?
who has your laundry washed, made you breakfast, woke you up, answered your questions and explained everything to you here?
Entonces, dime quién ha estado lavando tu rope, preparándote el desayuno, respondiendo preguntas y explicándote todo sobre este mundo.
Your laundry it's dry, I just iron it.
Do colada está seca pero tengo que plancharla.
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