Are you wet in the shower

Stupid questions, funny answers! - Oh, are you here already?


Today I have a question, maybe there are creative ideas from your everyday life.

For my thriller I am looking for something like “everyday stupidity” to loosen up. By that I mean stupid questions that allow a sarcastic answer. Here are a few examples from my life:

It's raining outside, someone comes in drenched.
Question: are you wet?
Answer e.g.: No, I just got dressed before taking a shower today.

Someone is calling on the landline.
Question: Hello, where are you?
Answer: I didn't feel like lugging my cell phone with me, so I connected my landline phone to Burger King.

There are sure to be a lot of stupid questions that I keep coming across. These simple questions that ask for something completely obvious would really help me.
In my book, an intern in a hotel is supposed to ask stupid questions like that from time to time. So when serving food and drinks, checking in, carrying up luggage or on the phone.

Can you think of something? I often hear such questions, but now that I think hard about it, I don't get as many funny things together as I thought. I am happy about your funny examples and thank you!

I like it:

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