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Coloressense 3.62 Nude Invisible - 9 ml bottle

Product description

Coloressense 3.62 Nude Invisible - 9 ml bottle

Contents: Bottle with 9 ml pigmentation color

Nude Invisible - as the name suggests: for customers who want to wear practically invisible lip contours. The color looks very intense in the container - but it is not. When inserted into the skin, it corresponds to the smear (with a slightly damp cotton swab) on paper. Not surprised! When the color is spread dry on the skin, a whitish lilac tone suddenly predominates, but this has nothing in common with the rosy result. The color is ingenious when the lips are only to be emphasized a little - so a broad shade is unnecessary. NI looks particularly noble if you contrast a delicate light drawing on the upper lip with WW or MB. So you get volume without a lot of bright color.

with VB ┬╗light, very natural rosewood tone | with AA ┬╗delicate and neutral tea rose tone | with SB or DT very natural nipple colors and nude tones can be achieved

Coloressense - THE 3 in1 CONCEPT

Anyone who wants to successfully give their customers "permanent make-up" should be very familiar with the subject of "color". What dyes are there and how do you create the desired color tones? How well do certain colors harmonize with each other and above all - how do they ultimately work on the skin?

Due to the highest possible pigment density, Coloressense pigments are ideally suited for every type of pigmentation and are used either neat or diluted depending on the application.

Coloressense as a concentrate - pure - They are used for large-area pigmentation, e.g. for shading and full drawings.

Coloressense + EASY FLOW
Coloressense concentrate mixed with Easy Flow results in a hydrophilic color pigment, which is suitable for exact hair drawings and precise contours. This makes the Coloressense concentrate very fluid without losing any of its opacity.

Coloressense + SKIN TOP
Mixed with Skin Top, the Coloressense concentrate results in an oily pigment - suitable for all pigmentations with quick handpiece guidance (Powdery) or glossy pigmentations (Stardust Lips). Due to the high proportion of witch hazel extract, Skin Top has a hemostatic and lymph-calming effect and thus facilitates the treatment process.

View pigmentology.

The advantages of the Goldeneye Coloressense series are obvious ... and in the skin:

  • Quality "Made in Germany" ... according to ResAp (2008) 1: this stands for micropigmentation at the highest level with convincing brilliance and color security in over 30 nuances.
  • no heavy metals
  • no nickel
  • no PAH
  • no NDELA
  • sterile and tested several times
  • vegan
  • no animal testing
  • IT supported formulation
  • uniform pigment grain size
  • constant quality management