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Smoking guide

2. Let go and wish lists

Use the time until the coal has burned through properly, as described above, to write two pieces of paper together with your family / roommates:

For one, it all depends on you let go want to: describe and formulate old energies with which you have nothing (no longer) to do, worries, illnesses etc. - as concretely as possible. This is a time when everyone can say what bothers them and what they want to let go! It is not evaluated and everything can really be discussed. This piece of paper is taken with you when cleaning, possibly supplemented and then burned - the worries “vanish into thin air”.

On the second piece of paper you and your loved ones write everything you do to each other wishes: from big to small. Formulate positively: health instead of "no disease" ... The more precisely and in more detail it is written - that is, it is manifested - the better the wishes can come true.
You take the desires with you when you build up your energy. After smoking it, treat it with respect (DO NOT burn it!): Bury it in the garden together with a seed so that the desires can grow; Send it into the universe as a plane on your next hike on the mountain ... There are no limits to your imagination.

Writing notes is already a very important point in the whole process of change for a new beginning. Everyone can take part and express his worries and desires, however, it should not be a compulsion. If someone says, "Okay you do that and smoke, it's okay with me, but I don't want to be there.", That's fine as well.

Sometimes it happens that adolescents initially do not want their room to be smoked. The Free space for each individual and of course the kids is too respect and thus their area is left out. Usually they notice the difference after smoking and then want this positive change in their room as well.