How does AMP help and hinder SEO

Google guidelines - critical to your SEO success

When people talk about search engine optimization, they keep talking about optimization measures that aim to achieve a top 10 position on Google as quickly as possible. The social image of the search engine optimizer often consists of a person who spams forums and blogs with comments and links, sends mass mails with a request for a link or creates bad texts with an above-average density of keywords in order to trick Google into thinking it is one Trade a site with high quality content.

This image created by dubious search engine agencies is not only simply out of date, but also shows how limited the topic of search engine optimization is unfortunately often seen at the moment. If one dedicates oneself with real passion and dedication to the "art of search engine optimization", it quickly becomes clear that, thanks to Google, there is much more to search engine optimization. In the long term, the outdated black hat methods only lead to one result - the penalty by Google and the associated loss of visibility in the search results.

To avoid this, Google has given every webmaster a set of rules to hand: the Google guidelines. If these are strictly followed, they have a significantly positive influence on the success of your own website and can at least prevent Google from penalizing you. This article aims to give you a high-level overview of that Google Webmaster Guidelines and thus point you in the right direction in order to have long-term success with your website or online shop.