Cats purr automatically or manually

Leipzig -What could be nicer than coming home after a hard day and then it's there - that cozy purr, that soft fur, that gentle caress. It has been proven that cats are good for the soul.

So it's no wonder that they are the Germans' favorite pet. Around 13 million cats live in our households. Even if you deal with them every day, as vet Katja Oelmann does, they never lose their fascination.
Cats are stubborn. They don't give their love to everyone and mostly do what they want. It is not for nothing that it is said: dogs have masters, cats have staff. And there is always something mysterious, almost mystical about it. This is not only due to the deep look out of her cat's eyes.

As mouse catchers, the four-legged friends did a good job even with the ancient Egyptians and were worshiped like gods. In the Middle Ages this turned into the opposite and cats were associated with witchcraft and sorcery. Today they are one thing above all else - pets to stroke and cuddle with. That should be left with the specimens in Leipzig Zoo. Because the big cats live here with lions, leopards and tigers. On World Cat Day, however, they preferred a quiet and cool place. The zoo already gave itself the birthday present with the opening of the new Himalayan facility a week ago. But for the employees, the memorial day has a completely different, very serious background.

The zoo visitors themselves can also help, become a member of the "Leopard Team" and thus support species protection.
For animal lovers, all cats are lovable, regardless of whether they are big cats or house cats.

A contribution from the Leipzig editorial team
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