How can I sell books through WeChat

Amazon launches unlimited reading service for the Chinese

A Kindle reader with access to Chinese e-books.

In China, there is a growing interest in paid content from the Internet. As a result, Amazon Kindle introduced a new transfer service on Tuesday that lets you read as many books as you want for 12 yuan a month. The service is called Kindle Unlimited and gives Chinese subscribers access to more than 44,000 e-books. You can then read the books on any Kindle device or other devices that have the Kindle app installed, including smartphones and tablets. The service aims to provide Chinese customers with more flexible access to books and also meet the growing demand for books, said Gu Fan, head of Kindle product management at Amazon China.

Amazon launched the Kindle e-book store in China in December 2012. By the end of 2015, the number of paying subscribers had increased 37-fold. The Kindle Unlimited offer started at a time when fewer and fewer books are being read in China. Economist Zhu Ning, who recently published a book called "The Guaranteed Bubble," said the number of books read in China is "shamefully small." Nevertheless, Kindle needs more publishers and authors to participate in the program for the sustainable development of the subscription service. Zou Jihua, director of digital media at China South Booky Culture Media Co Ltd in Tianjin, sees the partnership with Kindle as a way to market the books rather than a way to make big money selling e-books. "As long as a book is known in China, there are several ways to make money, like making a movie or a TV series," he said.

WeChat, China's leading messenger app, has also announced that it is working on a paid subscription service. This is intended to further commercialize the platform with its 650 million users. The offer, which is currently still under development, should allow writers to make readers pay for certain content on public WeChat accounts. It will also allow authors to show only a small portion of the content so that readers don't get full access to the offer without paying. WeChat is owned by Internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd from Shenzhen. The company does not want to introduce the new offering until it is fully developed. It was discovered by chance by users while it was still in a development test phase.

In an email to China Daily, WeChat confirmed that it was working on a new offering. However, the company did not say when this would officially start. She said the service should "encourage and encourage creative work on WeChat." Public accounts don't necessarily make money for writers posting their articles and other intellectual work on WeChat. Some of them get small cash rewards directly from the readers if they are satisfied with the offers. Analysts said the move will help WeChat make more money from its high online traffic.