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Experience a new way of taking photos with your mobile phone

Camera FV-5 is a professional camera application for enthusiasts, power users, professionals and everyone in between. It has a modern and fast user interface that gives you DSLR-like manual camera control.

A powerful camera app for Android

Multiple camera support

Supports switching to any rear and front cameras, with manual control for each camera.

Total control of the image composition

With 10 grid overlays and 9 cutting aids that can be combined with one another.

RAW support

Fast and simultaneous capture in JPEG and DNG format for complete flexibility in post-processing.

Intuitive and flexible zooming

Zoom with a pinch gesture, use the shutter release as a zoom rocker or use the volume buttons!

Exposure compensation

Exposure compensation is always available with a simple gesture on the viewfinder.

Reassign volume buttons

Many options such as shutter release, zoom, exposure compensation, white balance or camera switching can be assigned to the volume buttons.

Powerful manual photographic controls

Complete control over exposure, metering, white balance, focus and sensitivity (ISO).

Features like ISO, manual exposure, or manual white balance require the device to support them. The value range of the settings is also device-dependent. Check the compatibility of your device.


Automatically take photos with several different exposure times.

New in version 5

Now supports the lag-free capture also with JPEG + DNG on thousands of devices!

  • Up to 7 exposures per shot
  • Adjust the exposure difference between photos

Other features that make Camera FV-5 the best, most complete built-in camera app replacement

Extensive support for Bluetooth remote controls

Most shutter release bluetooth remote controls work immediately after pairing.

Burst mode

Take pictures quickly and continuously while holding down the shutter button, even in RAW format.

Image location

Deactivated by default for data protection reasons, the location of each photo is embedded using GPS or cellular network location systems.

Automatic image review

When activated, the last picture taken is displayed for quick review.

Integrated gallery

A powerful gallery is built into the camera app, which allows you to check EXIF ​​data, share, edit or print photos, or organize your pictures (move or delete pictures).

Full screen viewfinder

When this option is activated, the camera preview is stretched across the entire screen (including behind screen sections) to enable an even more impressive experience.

Camera FV-5

The professional camera application for Android, that puts DSLR-like manual controls in your fingertips.

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