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WhatsApp: deactivate preview - this is how it works

If you receive a new WhatsApp message, you will see a preview on your lock screen. Sometimes, however, you want to hide the message from prying eyes. You can therefore deactivate the preview on WhatsApp.

There are different types of previews for WhatsApp messages. For example, the entire message including the sender is displayed in large on the lock screen or just a small excerpt. In the settings you specify whether and in what form a new WhatsApp message appears on the lock screen.

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Settings for the preview

Usually you will be informed of a new message by a notification. You can see the sender and the first few words. Then the text is cut off. If you want to deactivate this preview on WhatsApp, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Call the options for Notifications on.
  3. Search below recently sent according to the settings for WhatsApp.
  4. Here you can now set the type of preview for WhatsApp messages.
  5. If you don't want to see the preview of a WhatsApp message at all, deactivate the notifications for WhatsApp.

In the submenu you also have various setting options. This is how you set up the behavior for group and individual chats separately. Switch to the respective sub-item to set up the following:

  • Set whether the phone plays a tone and vibrates. In addition, an individual message tone can be set up.
  • If the app symbol indicator is switched off, no WhatsApp symbol is shown at the top of the display when a message is received.
  • In the lock screen options you specify whether a message preview can be seen, the preview text is hidden or you are not informed of new WhatsApp content at all outside of the app.
  • If the notification remains activated and only the preview is switched off, you only read "A new message" on the start screen.
  • Is under Notification style the Pop up activated, you will see the complete message large on the lock screen.

If the preview does not appear, check the settings above. You may have deactivated the notifications for the messenger.

WhatsApp: set preview widget

If you do not want to mute all notifications, but only want to make settings for individual chats, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to WhatsApp directly.
  2. In the corresponding chat overview, press the three points top right.
  3. Now you choose the option Notification mute.
  4. Select a time period to be muted.
  5. In addition, you specify whether notifications should continue to appear on the home start screen for this chat or not. If you want to mute the chat completely, check the box. You will only be informed about new messages if you open WhatsApp directly.

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