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Mastercard joins the most important Ethereum developer ConsenSys

Codefi, Quorum, Truffle, Infura, Diligence and of course the crypto wallet MetaMask: The world of Ethereum can no longer be imagined without the blockchain company ConsenSys with its numerous applications. Founded in 2014 by Joseph Lubin, who was previously directly involved in the early development of Ethereum, ConsenSys will likely play an even more important role in the world's second most important blockchain in the future. Because the New York company has now raised 65 million dollars in a financing round.

The very well-known investors J.P. Morgan, Mastercard and UBS as well as the blockchain companies Protocol Labs (Filecoin), Maker Foundation (MakerDAO), Fenbushi, The LAO and Alameda Research. Also interesting: The investors not only let US dollars jump, they also shelled out some of the amounts with the stablecoins DAI and USDC - as it should be in the crypto business. There is currently no information available on the evaluation of ConsenSys. In any case, the financing round should be about strategic investments. Other investors include CMT Digital, Greater Bay Area Homeland Development Fund, Quotidian Ventures and Liberty City Ventures.

Because ConsensSys, with its focus on Ethereum, is of course a player that plays an important role in DeFi and Web 3.0 applications - things that in an ever-approaching future also and especially for banks like J.P. Tomorrow and UBS as well as payment service providers like Mastercard will be of considerable importance. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are also becoming increasingly important in business - because if countries want to convert digital currencies, they also need the converters with the technical infrastructure. Not to be forgotten: ConsenSys also plays a key role in the development of Ethereum 2.0 - i.e. the switch from Proof of Work (Mining) to Proof Of Stake (Staking), which enables many new possibilities on the blockchain.

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Financial giants come on board

“When we set out to raise funding, it was important for us to patiently build a multifaceted cap table that is consistent with our belief that, similar to the development of the web, the entire economy will respond to revolutionaries from one protocol to the next Generation will join. The ConsenSys software stack provides access to a new, automated, objective basis of trust made possible by decentralized protocols such as Ethereum. We are proud to work alongside leading crypto companies with outstanding financial companies to drive the convergence of the central and decentralized financial domains in this particularly exciting time of growth for ConsenSys and the entire industry, "said ConsenSys founder Joe Lubin in a statement.

How important your company is for Ethereum is underlined with a few new figures. MetaMask is now said to have more than three million monthly active users, the Infura APIs are used by 150,000 developers, and Truffle is used by millions of developers.

“Enterprise Ethereum is an important infrastructure on which we and our partners build applications for payments and other areas in order to shape the future of commerce. We are executing our multi-pronged strategy focused on digital currencies, including our work to assist central banks in researching CBDCs. Our investment and partnership with ConsenSys helps us to provide secure and high-performance Enterprise Ethereum functions for our customers, from whom we believe that they will benefit from a robust, open source Ethereum community in order to develop relevant and scalable solutions ”, so Raj Dhamodharan, who is responsible for blockchain at Mastercard.

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