Is the Xbox One JTag out

Xbox One hack: we'll tell you what works and what doesn't

With the term Xbox One hack two fronts look up at once. Some hope for cracked games to play for free, others suspect something illegal. As is well known, the first Xbox caused few problems for the inventors - even when it came to playing those games on the Xbox One. With the Xbox One itself, however, it is different, because there the modders reached their limits.

Xbox One Hack: Possible Or Not?

Piracy does not only play an essential role in the film industry. Since the beginning of console gaming, code hobbyists have always tried to get more and, above all, free content out of the devices. However, manufacturers are also correspondingly vigilant. Since their first consoles, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have continued to improve their security systems to stop malefactors.

But as it happens with the Internet and IT generation, these barriers are only a minor obstacle to the zest for action of aspiring modders. The PlayStation 4, for example, was cracked with the help of a Raspberry Pi and the Nintendo Switch fell to the hackers within a short time Time to sacrifice. Microsoft's Xbox One, however, is still considered a solid rock, reports and tutorials still exist.

Xbox One: Beware of Fake Mods!

The huge demand for a working Xbox One hack is by no means just luring gray hats. Even hackers who are not particularly keen on you set about writing programs and want to use tutorials or simple download links to get you to download malware.

"Iriez", a modder who already made a name for himself with his success on the Xbox 360, is said to have really hit the jackpot. An alleged message from the hacker in an IRC chat that he is said to have sent out in December 2013 provided information about this. Unfortunately, this chat history about an alleged Xbox One hack also turned out to be a fake.

How can I hack my Xbox One?

As things stand: not at all. Although construction kits such as the Xbox One SDK kit have been circulating on the Internet for some time, no one has yet succeeded in making a sensible jailbreak out of them. If that is the case, he has apparently kept it to himself. But you don't always need cracked games to have fun. Try the five best games for Xbox One or play Xbox games on PC.

Only the hacker unknownv2 published a concept in 2017 that uses vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Edge browser in versions ICVE-2016-7200 and CVE-2016-7241 to bypass the console's security system. However, this Xbox One hack is still not confirmed to date. We keep you up to date.