What is the memory of a cell phone

Storage capacity - size matters

Storage capacity is the maximum amount of data that can be stored in a data memory. Alternatively, there is often talk of storage space. A distinction is made between internal and external storage for smartphones, phablets and tablets. The internal is permanently installed in the device, while the external is usually added via a microSD card.

Which memory size is best?

Of course, that depends entirely on your smartphone behavior. If you play a lot of games on your smartphone, they of course also need enough space in the internal memory. There are also music and videos. You can now move many apps to an external microSD card, but unfortunately this is not the case with all apps.

For normal use with a few games, we recommend at least 32 GB of internal memory. This covers the apps that cannot be moved, the rest can be saved on a microSD card.

Internally and externally

If the internal memory is not particularly large, look out for a slot for external memory cards when buying a new smartphone. Otherwise you will not be able to use your smartphone the way you would like to. Most devices offer an internal memory of 64 GB. Upper class smartphones have up to 512 GB on board. With this size, the microSD card is also superfluous.

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