What do white label agencies do

7 Reasons Your Agency Must Consider White Label Marketing

Digital marketing is an extremely broad term that covers a variety of smaller marketing categories and niches. Anyone who claims to be an omniscient digital marketing guru is lying.
This is why so many digital marketing agencies are struggling to become a one stop shop for all digital marketing services.

Have you ever been in a situation where an important customer asked you to do something and you had to say no because you didn't have the in-house skills to do it?

Or have you tried to offer your customers additional services or to expand your portfolio and suffered initial setbacks?

Or do you have a small business that is competing with larger agencies because they have limited service offerings?

If your answer to any of these questions Yes then white label marketing is what you need.

What is white label marketing?
White label marketing services are essentially fulfillment services in which the work for the customers of one company (company A) is taken over by another company (company B).

In this case, company B, which provides the services, does not receive a credit. Instead, Company A takes credit for these services and resells them to their customers under their own brand names.

How does it work?
Let's say Company A is an end-to-end digital marketing service provider and has numerous customers who need different types of specialized services. Instead of hiring a full-time, in-house team for each type of specialized service, they outsource some of their work.

In such cases, Company A will provide certain specialized services to its customers under its own brand name, but the actual work will be done by Company B.

7 reasons to use white label marketing

White label marketing offers a variety of advantages, especially for full-service marketing agencies. Let's take a look at some of the top reasons you should consider white label marketing:

1. White label marketing can expand your service portfolio.
The first and foremost benefit of using white label marketing services is to broaden your offering. You don't have to specialize in every single service you offer. And you can provide a very wide range of services by outsourcing them to a white label service provider.

What else is there? You can sell these services with your branding and get full credit for it.

This strategy can help you offer a range of services to your customers without worrying about whether your in-house team will be able to provide those services.

2. It can help you cut costs.
By outsourcing services to a white label marketing service provider, you can avoid having to maintain an in-house team of specialists on a full-time basis.

Some of the costs you can avoid by hiring a white label service provider include:

  • Full-time employee salaries and benefits
  • Overhead
  • Training costs for training your internal team on various specialized marketing services
  • While that might not seem like a lot, if you take a closer look you will see just how much you can actually save.

For example, let's say you offer content marketing as one of your service offerings. Let's compare the cost of maintaining an in-house content team to that of a white label content marketing service provider.

For an internal team you need at least one content writer / editor and one content manager / strategist. According to Glassdoor, the average annual salaries for a content author and content manager are CHF 53,500 and CHF 76,000, respectively. So the minimum total cost for an in-house team is $ 129,500 per year.

Now let's assume that a team with one author can produce a maximum of 30 articles per month.

If you compare that with the prices for the same amount of content that is produced by an end-to-end content service provider like Verblio, the result is an annual turnover of around CHF 83,000.

That's a big difference of 46,500 CHF per year. And if we also take into account that the internal team may not be 100% busy all year round, then it will be a much bigger difference.

3. It can help you find additional sources of income.
Any additional service that you offer your customers can represent an additional source of income for your company. Because a third party takes care of the service delivery aspect, there is no limit to the number of additional services you can offer.

The key, of course, is to resell these services at a premium so you can continue to make healthy profit margins.

4. It can help you improve customer loyalty.
With a third-party provider taking responsibility for service delivery, you can focus entirely on customer care.

In addition, you can act as a one-stop marketing solution partner for your customers, helping them meet all of their marketing needs. Every time your customers come to you with a request, you don't have to say no to them just because you don't have the in-house skills.

By being able to offer end-to-end marketing services effectively and consistently, you can build brand loyalty among your customers.

5. It helps improve your service quality.
With White Label Marketing Services you can attract industry experts and specialists to carry out your customers' marketing campaigns. A company cannot be great at everything. To solve this problem, you can hire specialists who are well suited to any type of project with your clients.

For example, let's say you specialize in influencer and social media marketing, but also want to offer SEO services to your customers. Instead of trying to train your staff on SEO or organize the hiring of SEO experts, outsource them. You hire a white label SEO service provider who has a team of SEO experts who can offer high quality SEO services to your clients.

Knowing nothing about a third party involvement, the client assumes that you are providing quality service on all fronts.

6. It will help you improve your brand image.
With White Label Marketing Services, you can ensure that you keep your promises to your customers and build a good reputation in the industry. By being able to offer a wide range of services, you can position yourself as the go-to agency for all digital marketing services.

7. It can help you get more customers.
All of the above factors will ultimately help you get more customers. The more service offers you have, the more customers you can address with your services. If you have a good reputation in the industry for providing quality service, it will be easier for you to get customers.

You will also have more time to prepare your pitches with someone taking responsibility for performing the service. You can invest more time and effort trying to attract new customers rather than dealing with day-to-day service delivery tasks.

White label marketing services offer numerous advantages, especially for small agencies. Using white label marketing services might just be the kick-start your small agency needs to grow.

Have you ever tried using white label marketing services for your agency? Share your experience in the comments below.