What makes a product go viral

Viral Marketing: The digital word of mouth

Felix Beilharz: The big goal with published content on social networks is to go viral, i.e. to address and reach a large mass. Because this is how your own side gains attention and fans and thus also an influence. Expert Felix Beilharz explains how to create this virality on the Internet.

How can companies manage to create and also distribute viral content in social networks?

Felix Beilharz: It always looks so easy. You just make a nice video and all of a sudden millions of people saw it and it went viral. Unfortunately, it's hard to predict beforehand whether or not a video or content will go viral. However, you can use several building blocks for success so that the content works better.

For example, a topic that is currently in tune with the times. As at Christmas time maybe something about Christmas, family or love. Just something that fits right now. Whatever helps are emotions. If you look at viral things once, they often have very strong emotions inside. So sadness or fear, joy, love. So hitting a human nerve helps with virality. Good music can help too.

The big viral clips mostly have music in the background that is catchy in some way. It's also important to reach out to people who share and distribute the content. These are called multipliers or influencers. These are people who already have a certain influence in my target group, for example bloggers or Youtubers, Instagramers or simply people who run successful websites. If I bring them up and get them to spread my content, I have a good chance of real virality.

And how do I find such influencers?

Felix Beilharz: There are tools for this, such as influencerdb.net, which finds strong influencers on Instagram. Or simply Google to see which blogs on my topic are found well or the same on YouTube. The search function of the networks makes it easy to find out who has a wide range and who is active.