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Kurt Wagner

Kurt Wagner alias Nightcrawler is a German mutant who once worked in the Munich circus and later became a member of the X-Men. Its mutation allows it to teleport from one place to another.

History [edit | Edit source]

X-Men 2 [edit | Edit source]

At the beginning of the film, Nightcrawler invades the White House. With the help of his teleportation power, he kills some of the president's guards. He stops in front of his desk and pulls a knife with a ribbon with the text on it "Mutant Freedom Now" ("Freedom for Mutants Now") hangs. Just as he is about to stab the president, he is shot and stopped by a security guard. He immediately teleports away. A little later the X-Men are alerted to stop him. Nightcrawler, who shows repentance after his act, is at this point in a church. He is constantly teleporting himself within the church and therefore speaks incessantly. Storm and Jean, who were sent to stop him, are visibly annoyed by this until Storm finally uses her weather powers to get him to her home. On the way back it turns out that something had manipulated Nightcrawler.

The three then fly to Bobby's parents and try to save the others. To win against their common enemy, Stryker, the X-Men team up with Magneto and the Brotherhood. They invade Stryker's hiding place, with Nightcrawler building a kind of relationship with Mystique. There is a replica of the Cerebro in Stryker's hiding place. Nightcrawler teleports Storm in so she can contact Professor X. Then he teleports everyone out again before the entire system collapses.

X-Men: Apocalypse [edit | Edit source]

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X-Men: Dark Phoenix [edit | Edit source]

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Super powers [edit | Edit source]

  • Teleportation: Nightcrawler can teleport anywhere as long as it knows where it is going. His teleportation gives him the appearance of being vaporized into a very brief whiff of blue or pure black smoke or gas wherever he is teleporting or from. As a teenager, Nightcrawler could not teleport mulitple people without risk of extreme exhaustion or fatigue.
  • Prehensile tail: Like Azazel, the night crawler's tail allows him to access objects with relative ease. His tail is strong enough not only to support his body weight, but also to lift a grown man completely off the ground.
  • Shadow camouflage: He has limited abilities to blend and create gaseous, three-dimensional shadows. When he is hidden in the dark, he shows that he is capable of great stealth. During its attack on the White House, Nightcrawler creates a cloudy shadow to confuse enemies, with its tail going out and attacking enemies.
  • Superhuman acrobatics: The agility, balance, reflexes and physical coordination of the nightcrawler are increased to a level beyond the natural limits of the human body.

Trivia [edit | Edit source]

  • Since Alan Cumming - who played Nightcrawler in X-Men 2 - found that the make-up for Nightcrawler was too lavish, he did not want to take this role for further films.
  • Although Nightcrawler comes from Bavaria, Cumming speaks him in the film adaptation with a stereotypical, German accent. In the German version of the film, he speaks Standard German.
  • In addition to Mystique and Dr. Hank McCoy aka Beast is Nightcrawler one of the three blue-skinned mutants who have a greater meaning in the films.
  • In the comic, Nightcrawler is the son of Mystique and Azazel.

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