What can you do about handwriting pain?

HandwritingJust no Cramp!

We write like the world champions, but handwritten mostly only suffices for a Post-it message or a card greeting. But what if we have to write a lot by hand again? It can even hurt.

Our signature: available at all times, sometimes even graceful and definitely personal. This is one of the reasons why the handwritten love letter is usually more beautiful than the endless e-mail. "Handwriting is not just a cultural technique. We communicate through handwriting. We can express ourselves individually," says Marianela Diaz Meyer from the Institute for Writing Motor Skills, which studies efficient writing. With hand-motor skills, writing even helps to memorize content.

Until it hurts

For all those who didn't have a pen between their fingers on "Handwriting Day", DRadio knowledge reporter Stephan Beuting has gone to places where writing by hand is less romantic. Because at the university there is still a lot of scribbling or hours of exams being written. So far, this has not been a problem for student teacher Kevin: "I write relatively little. You have to write exams in Spanish and English. Six exams - that's feasible."

Kevin's tip, where the writing workload gets heavier, is the Juridicum. There our reporter actually met a student who was sadly affected by all the writing: a tendinitis that got so bad that she had to be operated on. Now all she needs is a medical certificate so that she can write the law exam on the computer. Writing alternatives are still the exception in most universities.

"You don't take an exam and you've never written a mock exam before. On average, the students write almost 40, 50, 60 exams."

Law student from our survey

Too much tension and one-sided stress (including when typing on the mobile phone) have a negative effect on our writing apparatus. For everyone who has problems, Marianela Diaz Meyer recommends regular relaxation exercises: "When you imagine drawing a rainbow, the hand goes out of the wrist with the full range of movement." However, if the pain remains, it is time for the doctor and an alternative to writing - no matter how beautiful the handwriting is.