Why doesn't ADB root do anything

Why can't I get root access from the shell?

I successfully rooted my phone. I know this because I can install apps on the SD card and have a program called SD Maid that can work with root permissions.


From here:

You may need to enable adb root from the developer settings menu. If you run adb root from the cmd line you will get:

The root access is deactivated by the system settings - activate this in the settings -> development options

System settings deactivate root access. Enable this option under Settings -> Development Options. Once you've enabled the Root option (ADB only or Apps and ADB), ADB will restart and you can use Root from the command line.

There is an app on Google Play called ADBD Insecure by Chainfire . This app allows you to run adbd in root mode if your device is rooted when you run the device's stock ROM. I only found out about this app recently.

The version on Google Play is not free, but a free version is available. The link to the free version is in the description of the application in Google Play.

What's great about this app, it works with stock ROMs that have been rooted. If you're using a custom kernel or ROM, you probably don't need this application. However, if you are still using a standard root only ROM, you may want to download this application for your device.

Adbd Insecure allows you to run adbd in root mode when your device is rooted. (If you're running a custom kernel, it's likely that it already implements this functionality.)

If you are running a kernel (made by the phone manufacturer) on your device, there is a good chance that adbd will run in "safe" mode even if you are logged in as root. This app allows you to run adbd in "unsafe" mode, which gives you root access to "adb shell", access system files and directories via "adb push / pull", and run the command "adb remount" on your / system partition writable.

Nowadays, magisk is widely used for rooting.

I found that on my Oneplus 5 (Oxygen OS, Nougat) it was enough to open the Magisk Manager app, open the superuser permissions screen and toggle the shell (com.android.shell) to solve the problem with the denied adb solve su permission.

Enable root access for adb from the developer settings menu. Then plug in your USB cable and enter:

It should return

Now restart the shell

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