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hip hop

Cypress Hill is a hip hop band from the years after 1990. It consists of Americans whose ancestors came from Latin America.

Hip Hop is a genre of music. It was created around 1980 in the USA. The first hip-hop artists were young Americans whose ancestors came from Africa. Most of them lived in the slums of big cities like New York or Chicago. Her songs were mostly about crime, criticism of society, living in poor conditions or the dream of fame and success.

Hip-hop music contains a lot of rap. Rap is spoken song that rhymes. Usually it is accompanied by a background melody that gives the rapper the rhythm. This background melody is also known as a beat. The texts are mostly written in colloquial language and often contain swear words, but also play on words. Some rappers have the ability to rap without having to come up with the lyrics beforehand. It's called freestyle.

The name Hip Hop comes from the song "Rappers Delight" from 1979. The words hip and hop are sung right at the beginning of the song. Hip means hip in German, but hop cannot really be translated.

For a long time hip hop was considered a music of the "blacks". It wasn't until the years after 1990 that an increasing number of people from other cultures began to make hip hop. One of the first "white" hip-hop artists in the USA was Eminem. A little earlier than Eminem there was the Austrian Falco. Among other things, he rapped in his song "Der Kommissar" from 1982. Falco is often referred to as the very first white rapper.

Hip Hop is not just a genre of music but also a kind of culture. This includes not only the appropriate music, but also certain styles of clothing, a special youth language, grafitti or types of dance such as breakdance. Although hip-hop culture originally came from America, it is now very popular all over the world. Hip-hop artists are great role models, especially for young people in poorer areas: people who have made it out of poverty with the help of music.

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