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Shani (Sanskrit: शनि śani m.) Saturn, one of the "nine planets" (Navagraha); the god who directs the influences of Saturn. The ruler of this planet is represented as a man dressed in black.

Shani was a son of the Sun and Chaya. According to another report, he is said to have been the descendant of Balarama and Revati. He is also known as Ara, Kona, and Kroda, and his father's name is Shaura. It is also called Kruradish and Kruralocana, "having the evil eye".

He also becomes Manda, "the slow one"; Pangu, "the lame one"; Sanaishchara, "walking slowly"; Saptarchi, "seven rays"; and Asita, called "the darkness". Saturn rules Saturday (Shanivara).


Shani, Saturn, a very powerful and very slow planet.

"Nilanjana-samabhasam ravi-putram yamagrajam chaya-martanda-sambhutam tam namami shaishcharam"

(I bow to Shani, Saturn, who is blue as a storm cloud, the son of the sun and the brother of death, who can even cast his shadow over the sun. Om I bow to Shani, Saturn.)

Shani, Saturn is the planet that, as a strict superior, watches over hard work and discipline. It is also known as the planet of darkness. The effects that come from it are frustration, difficulty and depression. Shani, Saturn, also rules aging and death.

The name Shani already scares the "man from the street" in India. But wisdom consists in learning from all difficulties in life and emerging from them as a wiser person. This is the basic philosophy for which Shani, Saturn stands. No wonder Shani is considered a "teacher". Shani, Saturn, often cares about a person's success after thoroughly checking their background to see if they're ready for it.

Indian mythology has several stories about Shani or Shanaishchara (the slow one). It is said that Surya’s wife, Sanchigai, after giving birth to her husband's three sons, visited her father without warning and left her shadow behind. This shadow, also called Chaya Devi, had three other sons from the sun, one of whom was Shani.

Since his birth, Shani’s gaze has followed a trail of calamity and destruction. Shani was also crippled by his step brother, Yama. Legend has it that Shani puts delays and difficulties on the path of liberation.

Shani also rules over the inner conscience. A well-positioned Shani, Saturn, in the horoscope defines detachment, wisdom, integrity and spirituality. Its effects are very good in the life course of monks and priests.

Shani, who also takes care of hard work, is also prominent in the lives of construction workers, mechanics, bricklayers, etc. Shani, Saturn, affine people are often also archaeologists, historians and museum caretakers. A misplaced Shani, Saturn, creates a cold, evil personality. A misplaced Shani can also lead to theft, lawsuits, and death from seemingly merciless blows of fate.

Shani, Saturn is a cold and dry planet that guides us to take more responsibility and be more disciplined. Every person has to go through at least a few stations in their life under the influence of this planet (also known as the Saturn phase). If this phase is experienced skillfully, a lot can be learned from it and a great advantage can be drawn.

Shani, Saturn is the Lord of Capricorn and Aquarius. It reaches its highest point in Libra and descends in Aries. Mercus, Venus, Rahu and Ketu are sympathetic elements. While the sun, moon and Mars are to be seen as opponents. Jupiter is neutral to Shani, Saturn.

  • Shani, Saturn’s favorite color: blue / black
  • Shani, Saturn’s favorite day: Saturday
  • Shani, Saturn’s favorite stone: blue sapphire / neelam
  • Shani, Saturn’s dearest deity: Hanuman

Shani, Saturn, rules over bones, teeth, knees and ears. Since it moves very slowly, it creates problems such as flu, cough, bronchitis and rheumatism, tuberculosis. If he's weak on someone, the person quickly becomes depressed, lousy, and irresponsible with a tendency towards substance abuse and alcoholism.

Despite all the reservations about this planet, Shani, Saturn, should not be feared. All in all, successes achieved after overcoming really persistent obstacles are the truly satisfying ones and are accompanied by deeper and persistent wisdom of life. This is the irreplaceable value that Shani adds to our destiny.

Shani, Saturn, in all rashis

The position of Shani, Saturn, in our natal ascendants determines our capacity to act responsibly and to do heavy labor. It also determines the amount of delays and obstacles we will encounter in the course of our lives, along with the efficiency and nature of our actions.

Shani, Saturn in Aries

A more restrictive Shani, Saturn, in Aries ascending produces much confusion. Any step forward could be made difficult by confusion, delays and obstacles. Even so, Aries strong will can turn a constant effort into success. This makes the person a hard worker. The negative aspects are high demands, frustration and unnecessary hardship.

Shani, Saturn, in Taurus

This combination brings all the qualities of Shani, Saturn, to bear. The person has enormous stamina and a sense of responsibility. He / she will always strive for material security, with a good knack for making money. On the negative side, these people sometimes become a little cold, self-righteous and rigid in their actions, with problems in the throat and thyroid gland. The combination of a knack for making money and a mercy in distributing it would be positive as soon as one's own basic needs are met.

Shani, Saturn in Gemini

Shani, Saturn is well positioned in Gemini, where it adds depth to an already deep intellect. There is a tendency and a knack for making money. It would be negative if the person behaves underhandedly in order to increase their money, becomes a thief or a gambler. What is positive, however, is the good feel for the arts and finances, good at multitasking and very good in individual projects. Such a person could have chest and lung problems.

Shani, Saturn in Cancer

This combination increases the effects of Shani / Saturn and Cancer. The person can get a little gloomy and thoughtful. But the stamina aspect is also reinforced. In the negative, the effects correspond to those of an emotional burdock, irresponsible and an avoidance of work. On the positive side, the person has perseverance, works hard and is focused on a project.

Shani, Saturn in Leo

This combination expects things that will earn him applause and admiration from the audience. (Even if the person would never admit it). He / she is not good at handling large expressions of empathy. In the negative, the person can become a show-off, seek recognition where it doesn't deserve it. In the positive, the person is a hard worker, overwhelming performer, strong will, and a good authority.

Shani, Saturn in Virgo

People with this particular combination are extremely careful and methodical in their work. It is a good combination that makes one want to do righteous work and practical wisdom, a certain lack of imagination and fear of uncertainty are among the flaws.

It would also be negative if a person wastes too much time on unnecessary details, is angry with others for the same reason and spreads a lot of uncertainty and fear. However, the efficiency, patience and stamina, which are good for a job as a doctor or nurse, are positive.

Shani, Saturn in Libra: Shani, Saturn balances the bowls of Libra in this special constellation. There may be problems in love life, but there is a lot of stability in everyday life. Public success has a good basis in this. To see it negatively would be a cold towards the arts and emotions, but this usually does not emerge completely. On the positive side, the person gets along well, is balanced and reliable, human and mindful.

Shani, Saturn in Scorpio

The combination promotes a strong will impulse, which can lead to a “head through the wall” morality. The person completes tasks that they started with. Good psychological insight makes this kind of person a powerful influencer. Negatively, the person could be prone to sneakiness, unreliability, and incompetence. The attention to small details and the ability to influence people and situations would be positive.

Shani, Saturn in Sagittarius

While the combination can cause setbacks in early life, it also provides an unusual amount of wisdom and lessons in patience and long-term thinking. Avoidance of work and emotional shirking would be negative. On the positive side, the person is a generous leader with long-term success.

Shani, Saturn in Capricorn

Shani, Saturn, is the ruler of this sign of the zodiac. Hence the effects of this planet are fully formed. Ambition, strict discipline and perseverance are the qualities that people with this constellation have. Sadness, recklessness and a lack of empathy would be negative. Those people who are highly responsible, reliable and potent doers who like to set up their own business at an early age are positive.

Shani, Saturn in Aquarius

Shani, Saturn, is the ruler of this sign of the zodiac. An Aquarius Shani, Saturn, helps to achieve success in public work. Popular politicians and entertainers often have this constellation in their line-up. An obsession with attention would be negative, or the opposite, a lonely, unproductive life. At best, these people become an asset to public life.

Shani, Saturn in Pisces

Shani, Saturn, in Pisces highlights two extremes of the zodiac sign. The person can struggle through a job just to pay the bills. On a positive note, the person works very precisely and intuitively on a job until it is finished.

Shani Yantra

The Shani Yantra is good for appeasing the disgruntled god Shani or the planet Saturn and for receiving Raja Yoga blessings from Shani.

Different spellings for Shani

Sanskrit words are written in Devanagari in India. In order for Europeans to be able to read this, Devanagari is transcribed into Roman script. There are different conventions on how Devanagari can be transcribed into Roman script. Shani in Devanagari is written "शनि", in IAST scientific transcription with diacritical marks "śani", in Harvard-Kyoto transcription "zani", in Velthuis transcription "sani" , in modern internet Itrans transcription "shani".

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