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Ten major companies in Taiwan

The largest companies in Taiwan are in the technology, finance, petrochemical and plastics industries. All numbers come from the Forbes 2000 list (2019) and are sorted by sales.

# 1 Hon Hai Precision This company is more likely to be known to many as "Foxconn". It is one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronics and PC components and works as a contract manufacturer for Apple and HP, among others. With its 600,000 employees, it is also one of the most employable companies in the world.

# 2 Pegatron Pegatron also makes computer parts and devices such as notebooks, consoles or televisions to order for well-known international brands such as Acer, Asus (also Taiwan), Apple, Dell and Intel.

# 3 Taiwan Semiconductor TSMC specializes in the manufacture of semiconductor products, i.e. computer chips found in smartphones, computers, tablets or other electronic devices. TSMC also produces on behalf of other manufacturers who do not have any production themselves.

# 4 Quanta computers Quanta also belongs to the electronics industry and manufactures notebooks, server cabinets and data center or smart home electronics.

# 5 Compal Electronics No surprise in fifth place either: Compal Electronics joins the ranks of entertainment electronics manufacturers. It produces components for Internet of Things devices, laptops, wearables, smartphones, servers and car electronics.

# 6 Wistron Wistron is also a contract manufacturer for electronics in all areas, whether entertainment or industrial applications.

# 7 Cathay Financial The first non-electronics company in the top ten is a bank, which is also the largest in Taiwan.

# 8 Formosa Petrochemical Petrochemicals are an important export sector for Taiwan and Formosa is its largest representative. The company refines crude oil into various products, such as car fuels, lubricants, liquefied gas or raw materials for plastics production.

# 9 Fubon Financial Fubon is the second largest bank in the country that is also active in the insurance business. Like Cathay Financial, Fubon is active in banking and investment across Asia.

# 10 WPG Holdings Number ten closes the circle: WPG Holdings is again active with numerous subcontractors in the semiconductor industry.