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Sarah Sanders

Several corona cases: Trumps Club Mar-a-Lago has to close

The ex-president of the USA has retired to his Palm Beach estate. Several employees there have now tested positive for Corona. Parts of the facility were made tight. The club resort Mar-a-Lago in Florida, the retreat of former US President Donald Trump ... more

USA: Donald Trump's spokeswoman vacates her post

Again there is a change in Donald Trump's team: Stephanie Grisham is giving up her post as spokeswoman for the US President. She already has a new post. The spokeswoman for US President Donald Trump, Stephanie Grisham, admits after less ... more

Super Tuesday: Joe Biden - millionaire, stutterer and selfie king

Joe Biden made a phenomenal comeback in the Democratic primary. If it continues like this, he could face Donald Trump in the fall. What you should know about him now. In the US Democratic primary, a favorite for the race is emerging ... more

Post from Washington: The Mueller Report - Donald Trump is lying!

The report by special investigator Robert Mueller reads more exciting than a crime thriller. The moral painting he creates of the White House under Donald Trump is breathtaking. People are pushing, shoving, shouting: "Move!" A colleague next to me ... more

Mueller report presented: Donald Trump feels like a winner

Political operations in Washington had been eagerly awaiting details from the report by US special investigator Mueller. Now the information is there - and it's tough. Donald Trump feels like a winner. After almost two years of investigation ... more

Donald Trump: We don't need press briefings in the White House

Donald Trump's spokeswoman Sarah Sanders gives fewer and fewer press conferences in the White House. The US president now declares on Twitter that it is the media's own fault. Donald Trump's spokeswoman Sarah Sanders appears less and less on the podium in the White House - while ... more