What is network and network marketing

Network Marketing

What is Network Marketing?

A powerful person-to-person business!

Network marketing, also often referred to as recommendation marketing, is a tried and tested business concept with the aim of selling high-quality products to end consumers as an independent entrepreneur and thus gaining further intermediaries.

According to this simple principle, income is earned for the "sales partners" from the network or "sales" through active marketing according to a compensation plan. This is then generally referred to as an entrepreneur in "direct sales". Whereby we at the association see ourselves more focused on the franchise. Passive income is an essential part of network marketing, with which we have a certain unique selling proposition in the development of networks. This is neither possible nor intended with classic "direct sales".

There are still confusing terms such as MLM or referral marketing, multi-level marketing as a term. It is more like a network of consumers than “distributors”. Even with a network of consumers, the products are still in the foreground, such as cosmetics, fragrances, wellness and health products, of the highest quality and benefits. Consumable products that every household uses in everyday life, but which are distributed across the market via a network of end consumers. Repeat orders from this network are referred to as passive income.

In any case, it should be ensured in all activities that network marketing in Germany needs a different approach than in other countries. Many practices are adopted 1: 1 from the mother country USA. That doesn't necessarily correspond to the European mentality. In particular, Germany lacks awareness of entrepreneurship opportunities.

Business is built according to a very simple principle: not ONE does EVERYTHING, but MANY do LITTLE!

In this way, customer networks are built up for the company. Business partners participate in sales and profits. This in turn is regulated by a compensation or marketing plan. Everyone has an equal chance.

In addition to the possibility of selling goods from a manufacturer directly to an end customer or recommending them for purchase, the business partner in the NM is free to build up a network of business partners. All conceivable products are marketed: from health products and cosmetics to perfume and jewelry to household products, kitchen items, travel, textiles, pet food and much more.Nutritional supplements, wellness and everything for the household are particularly well represented.

In his / her day-to-day business, the networker purchases products and services for himself (personal consumption), for sale to end customers (to achieve a trading margin) and, in addition, he / she is looking for business partners (licensees) who want to do the same in order to obtain a to build up independent work under supervision. Anyone who wants to earn can earn.

These in turn obtain the products and services for their own consumption directly from the manufacturer and for sale to end customers and in turn duplicate what they do.
This creates trading and consumer networks through which the goods of the NM company (licensor) are marketed to business partners and end customers.

Based on the sales generated in these retail and consumer networks, fixed commissions are paid out by the NM companies to the business partners.

The contractual conditions between the licensors and licensees in the NM are the same for all business partners. In this way, someone who joins an NM company at a later point in time can certainly build up a larger network than all previously registered business partners and earn correspondingly higher commissions from their sales network. For a good income, you can start your own business from home and often extend across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. International expansion cannot be ruled out either. A self-employment with low risks and high potential.

Network Marketing is an extraordinary opportunity to set up self-employment without qualification hurdles, without a large investment of capital and without local ties.

Serious network marketing has the potential to trigger a start-up boom in Europe in the next few years. The signs are clearly recognizable for this. The classic trade and service sector is cutting THOUSANDS of jobs. Millions of Germans are already working in a 2t or 3t job to compensate for the ever increasing cost of living.

Use your chances for more success now!
Network marketing and referral marketing is the only industry known to us that can offer you a solution to a widespread problem.

Many terms can be found for NM such as: MLM, Multi Level Marketing, Recommendation Marketing, Direct Marketing, Prosumten / Consumers, Structured Sales, Structured Sales, People Franchise, Mini Franchise, People Franchise, Networking, Network Marketing, Consumer Network, Consumer Network. Yet there is only one original that is Network marketing as a quality feature communicated via the BVNM.

We provide a simple checklist with 8 points to identify which companies are making serious offers. How we deal with criticism can also be found on our website.

We warmly welcome founders! We help you to create your own business plan with a profitability and liquidity calculation. We prepare the expert opinion for the JobCenter.

The professional association for all networkers in German-speaking countries. Our moth is strength through unity. Become a member and get started. Visit our Network Marketing Blog. We support start-ups and business development and serious partner acquisition. Building up network marketing means of a "passive income“Benefit. Passive income means commissions from recurring sales. These come from product sales and consumption by customers and new business partners from your own organization. An organization is like a retail branch, only without the usual building and employee costs. A good comparison would be the concept of franchising.

Here is a short video on the topic. The board has meanwhile updated itself. All participants in the discussion are still closely connected to the association.