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Berlin : Art thieves believed that false gold hats were the real gang, and they did not let passers-by steal from the arcades on Potsdamer Platz

The thieves of the Golden Hat have not come forward - and there is no trace of the perpetrators either. Almost three weeks ago, two or three men stole a copy of the million-dollar and unique work of art from the Bronze Age from the Potsdamer-Platz arcades. The copy itself cost 50,000 euros. The art expert of the State Criminal Police Office (LKA), Bärbel GrothSchweizer, now hopes that the thieves will report to the museum and offer a return - after they should have realized by now that they did not steal the original. Because the LKA assumes that the perpetrators were sure to steal the original - which is why the LKA's art specialists are also investigating. At first, the police suspected that the theft was a spontaneous “break” by young people.

But the audacious thieves couldn't even be stopped when a witness called out to them, “Let it be,” reported Groth-Schweizer: “That was well worth it.” Although a number of passers-by smashed the display case with a field stone and the observed subsequent escape, there is no reasonable description of the men. Everyone should be of Arab or Turkish origin, have a well-groomed appearance and be in their early or mid-twenties. Problem with the police: Most of the witnesses who strolled through the Potsdamer-Platz arcades that Saturday night were tourists - and have long since returned home.

The golden hat is the headgear of a priest from around 1000 BC, i.e. the Bronze Age. The copy was intended to advertise the exhibition “People - Times - Spaces, Archeology in Germany”, which can be seen in the neighboring Martin-Gropius-Bau until March 31st. The exhibits were set up so professionally in the shopping arcade that they looked like part of the exhibition, said Commissioner Groth-Schweizer. Immediately after the theft, the security precautions in the Gropiusbau were tightened. Now the irreplaceable piece has also been electronically secured - because the police were afraid that the thieves would also try their hand at the original. The thieves will have recognized that the copy is just as unsaleable as the original, according to the LKA. So there is hope that the perpetrators will offer the hat to the museum. There is no official reward. But in the past several works of art were "bought back" by museums or insurance companies.

The only existing replica of the famous golden hat is faithfully reproduced by master goldsmiths - that's why it's so expensive. Melting it down makes no sense for the thieves, because the 75 centimeter copy is not made of gold, but of copper.

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