What made you start teaching music

Experienced opera singer, music and singing teacher has free places again for pop, rock, opera, musical and choir singing lessons!


Whether it is about individual lessons, band singing lessons, choir lessons or even ... telephone singing lessons, you will find all the information here:

Regardless of whether you are an amateur or an experienced singer, whether you are interested in opera, jazz, pop or rock music, my philosophy is: The task of the singing teacher is above all to show what is good for YOUR voice and YOUR body is and no time to lose, working for hours on an inflexible, fixed singing technique that suits some, but maybe not YOU.

TOGETHER we will find out which pieces of music and which repertoire best suit your style and how you can most effectively implement your artistic ideas vocally. You can feel the difference after just a few hours.

The confirmation of this comes when you feel freer and more confident when performing live in front of an audience.

An innovative idea arose spontaneously through everyday life: Skype or Viber lessons. If the opera singers I teach were in other countries (or even continents) and there was no possibility to take lessons from me, we had to find a solution. All we need is an internet connection, a computer or a mobile phone and the lessons will then take place at your home or in your cloakroom in the theater!

There are so many bands in our musical world. But only a few dozen of them will really make the breakthrough. It's the details that make the difference between the others and YOUR band!

Together we will find the strong and weak points of your performance and strengthen or ... eliminate them! Then the way to success is free!

The work of the choirmaster usually consists of rehearsing the music and interpreting it. Only rarely can choir directors really help when it comes to vocal technique.

But the quality of the music interpretation and the homogeneity of the voices within the choir would increase if the individual singers had a better understanding of their own voice and could better control it.

My job is to show a singing technique that the singers can develop as a group and individually, in order to enrich their artistic quality, whichever repertoire the choir prefers (classical, musical, gospel, etc.).

(When it comes to choir singing lessons, I love to travel to your town.)


Singing is fun!

Almost all of us sing a few tones every now and then in the car, at parties, or even ... in the shower when our favorite CD is playing.

Do you sometimes dream of being alone on stage?

Is it difficult to learn to sing?

For years I have been working with singers on and behind the stage. The goal is always the same: to inspire the audience and make yourself happy. Unfortunately, that is not possible without technology. Singing is a very specific art and singers are highly specialized "competitive athletes".

Through my training as an opera singer and my personal experience on stage, I was able to experience all kinds of feelings and have been in different situations. This has led me to enrich my pedagogical knowledge and develop an unconventional type of singing lessons - a type of singing lessons that allow the singer to develop on their own and ultimately interpret themselves freely on stage.

In addition to my career on stage as an opera singer, I was lucky enough to take part in various animated films, television series and documentaries synchronizations, as well as appearing in various concerts with different repertoire, including musicals, jazz, pop and rock. That gave me the opportunity to sing for different audiences and to deal with many styles of music.

After singing on many stages in Europe, I would like to share all this experience and knowledge with you in Cologne and the surrounding area! Now I know that the duties of a singing teacher include not only singing lessons, but also providing advice that will enable you to make the right professional decision at the right time.
I offer singing lessons in Cologne for:

-Experienced and inexperienced singers for classical, pop, rock, jazz, soul, funk or punk singing

-Bands of all styles pop, rock, jazz, funk, soul, punk, metal

-Choirs and ensembles with different repertoire (classical, gospel, etc.)


Price for online lessons via webcam: 50 € / h
Price for 5 teaching units (package): 230 €
Price for 10 teaching units (package): 450 €

More details

Solo lessons and tele lessons
Individual lessons for singers cost € 50.00. One hour is of course 60 minutes!

Volume lessons
Singing lessons for all singers in the band, solo or background singing, as well as sound optimization services for bands with up to seven members.

The price for the lesson applies to the entire band and not per band member. The hour costs € 60.00 and lasts 60 minutes.

Choir lessons
Singing lesson for all choir members.

Either individual or group lessons for the choir members. One lesson per singing lesson (60 minutes) is calculated here, regardless of how many choir members participate in the lesson. The price is 70 € / hour.

(If the rehearsal room is in the city of Cologne, no travel costs will be charged. If the rehearsals do not take place in Cologne, travel and possible accommodation costs will also be charged upon agreement.)

Konstantinos offers the following types of lessons:
Classes take place:
  • singing
  • Voice training
  • Opera singing
  • Choral singing
  • Musical improvisation

Constantine Career

I was born in Athens, Greece and started my musical journey when I was 6 years old. That's when I got my first piano lesson. When I was nine I was enrolled in my first music school and after my voice broke I took my first singing lessons.

At the same time as I was studying music, I took part in many master classes (with, among others, Ms. Marcella Crudeli, Prof. Antonio Konstantino, Nikolai Petrov, conductor Giorgos Hatzinikos, Birgit Nickl and Dimitra Theodossiou), which completed my studies.

I completed my many years of study with a piano diploma, a singing diploma, a diploma in theory and harmony of music and a diploma in music education.

Even as a student, I took part in numerous opera performances at the National Theater of Greece in Athens. My career as an opera singer began in 2004 and I made my debut there as Nemorino in G. Donizetti's “Elisir d’amore”. Further engagements took me to the stages of the State Opera in Thessaloniki, the opera “Megaron Athens”, the Chamber Opera Athens and the Children's Opera Athens, Liverpool and Preston in England, the State Theater Kassel, the Wuppertaler Bühnen and the State Theater Detmold, where I Tamino (WAMozart, “Die Zauberflöte”), Froh (R. Wagner, “Rheingold”), Cavaradossi (G. Puccini, “Tosca”), Crown Prince Georg (F. Lehár, “The world is beautiful), Hans (L. Jessel, "Black Forest Girl"), Iro (C. Monteverdi, "Il ritorno d 'Ulisse in patria"). Italy, Holland, England, Poland, Greece are just a few of the countries in which I had the opportunity to perform with opera and operetta concerts.

In 2004 I dubbed my first cartoon ("Barbie as: The Princess and the Village Girl"). Since then, I have worked as a dubbing singer and voice actor for cartoons, television series, and documentaries. You can hear my voice (in Greek) in the films Happy Feet, Nightmare Before Christmas, Meet the Robinsons, The Little Mermaid and Lorax, among others!

In 2013 I wrote my first play with the director Tasos Mpaglatzis. “Gymni Alithia” (naked truth) is a political monologue that tells about the crisis in Greece and was seen in theaters in Athens last year. The audience accepted our piece with a lot of love. It was so successful that it was played for over five months. We even had requests from the USA and the Czech Republic to set the piece to music there.

While I was working as an opera singer and dubbing singer for musical music, my fellow singers kept coming up to me asking for advice on vocal technique. In this way, “the teacher has awakened” in me and I am happy to be able to pass on the freedom and experience I have acquired through my job. My students now include professional solo singers as well as amateurs who simply enjoy singing and whom I like to teach, but also choirs who have opted for a workshop weekend or regular monthly lessons.
- Singing diploma (soloist)
Piano diploma (soloist)
- Harmony Teaching Diploma
-Music and Vocal Pedagogy- Diploma