What is the full form of TTTF

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TrueType font (TTF)

The TTF file format (TTF) was jointly developed by Apple Computer and Microsoft Corporation. It is the most common format for fonts on Macintosh and Windows operating systems. In the TTF file format, the characters are printed as vectors or bitmaps, depending on the technical capabilities of your printer. TrueType fonts are printed exactly as they appear on the screen and can be adjusted to any size.

Technical information on True Type Fonts (TTF)
TrueType fonts exported from CorelDRAW do not contain any hints.
Each exported character is a separate object. Before exporting multiple objects, you must select them by clicking ArrangeCombine sum up. You cannot export multiple objects or grouped objects.
Fill and outline attributes assigned to objects are not exported.
For best results, make sure that no lines intersect. As shown in the example below, each object in the character should lie entirely within or outside of another object.

From left to right: Three perfectly combined objects; five perfectly combined objects; five incorrectly combined objects.

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