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Why picking up and letting go of objects is so important to babies

August 11, 2020 - 2:58 pm

Picking up and letting go is like a game for babies

For many parents, it is exciting to see when their baby starts picking up and letting go of objects. Picking things up from the baby also indicates your child's level of development. In the tenth month, the time comes when the mother notices that the baby is beginning to drop things.

For the child, it's like having fun playing a game. It grabs things and then drops them again. For parents and friends, this means keeping things for the baby so they can keep playing. The baby learns through play how to hold things and let go of things

Picking up items is fun

Letting things drop is fun with babies and often with parents and relatives too. It's like a little game that repeats itself over and over again. The baby picks something up and then drops it. Often not just on the high chair or in the stroller, but directly on the floor. Bending down and giving it back to the child may seem a chore, but you are helping your child learn important motor skills. The more the baby is practiced picking up things, the better the child's sense of gripping becomes.

How it starts: picking up small items

Letting go of things is important in the baby, as it learns to first grasp properly and then to open the hand again. The child's sense of touch and grasp is trained as a result. The basis for this is laid in the ninth month, when the baby starts to grip small objects with the tweezers. Parents shouldn't be surprised if the baby starts reaching for food during this time.

For the child, this is also an important development step that should be taken calmly. Even if there is such a mess in the food from time to time that it has to be cleaned afterwards.

Learn to pick up objects in a playful way

After the tweezers grip, the time begins when the baby has fun picking up things, and the same applies to letting go of things from the baby. This is an important step in your child's development. If the baby does not want to pick up and let go of objects by the 10th month, you can speak to your pediatrician. This doesn't have to be a sign of your baby's developmental delay.

Every child develops differently, this is the case with everything. You can still ask during one of the child's examinations if you are worried, the respective prescribed pediatrician examinations are also there for that.