Why is my Galaxy Tablet not charging?

Samsung Galaxy Tab no longer works: Possible solutions

Your Samsung Galaxy Tab no longer works? This can have various causes, because the battery is not always dead. In this guide, we explain to you what possible sources of error are - and what you can do to make the device work again.

Tip # 1: Charge the battery and check the charging cable

First of all, you should connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab to a power source via a power supply unit. Because once the tablet has been completely discharged, it is usually no longer that easy. Let the device charge for about 30 minutes. Then press the power button while the tablet is still connected to the power. If the Galaxy Tab switches on now, you know that your tablet was completely discharged and therefore did not turn on.

If this approach did not help, you should take a closer look at the USB charging cable. If you've tripped over it or accidentally placed something heavy on it, it could have been damaged. If so, try charging your Galaxy Tab using a different cable.

Tip # 2: Search for the cause using software

If the device remains switched off, you can try to identify the source of the error using Samsung's free PC and Mac software “Smart Switch” (from Android 4.3). If you have an older Galaxy Tab (up to Android 4.2.2), Samsung “Kies” could help you (only available for Windows).

First install one of the two programs. Then connect your Galaxy Tab to the computer using a USB cable. Ideally, the software recognizes the problem after starting and can help you further. If the tablet is not recognized immediately, briefly disconnect the computer and tablet and then try again. Restarting the computer can also be helpful in this case.

Tip # 3: factory reset Samsung Galaxy Tab

Another method is to reset the device to its factory settings. All personal files as well as app and system data are deleted. You will then have to set up the tablet again.

How to do the reset:

  1. Press and hold the home button and the volume up button at the same time.
  2. The Galaxy Tab starts in recovery mode and you can release the keys.
  3. Use the two volume buttons in the recovery menu to select the option “wipe data / factory reset / wipe cache partition”.
  4. Confirm by pressing the power button.
  5. Select “reboot system now” in the same way.
  6. Your Galaxy Tab will reset and restart after the reset.

If none of the previous measures have resolved the problem: Reset the Samsung tablet to its factory settings.

Our tip: If you want to back up your tablet data beforehand, you can do so via Smart Switch or Kies. After the reset, you can use the software to upload the backup to the device.

Tip # 4: Contact Samsung Support

If the previous solutions did not help, you should contact Samsung support. Because maybe the battery or another component of the Galaxy Tab is damaged - a problem that you cannot solve yourself. With Smart Repair, Samsung offers a corresponding service in which the necessary repairs are carried out for a fee. Since this usually removes all data stored on the device, we recommend that you create a backup beforehand.

Galaxy Tab cannot be switched on: an overview of possible solutions

  • Your Samsung Galaxy Tab no longer works? Connect the device to a power source for at least 30 minutes - the tablet may be completely discharged.
  • Try a different USB charging cable if the original is defective.
  • Try to identify the problem with Samsung's smart switch or Kies software.
  • Reset the device to its factory settings if nothing works. To do this, you first have to switch the tablet to recovery mode.
  • Contact Samsung Service for possible repairs.

Were we able to help you with our tips? We look forward to your feedback in the comments.

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