What's the tension of Mirrorvue Mirror TV

Mirror glass variants

The MirrorVue mirror glass is unique and specially made for our products. Evue was founded in 2001 and has developed the perfect mirror glass for more than 15 years - our mirror glass has the best performance in terms of visibility of the TV and yet it disappears completely as soon as it is switched off.

Silver mirror

Bathroom vanity mirrors look particularly good with the silver mirror glass

With the silver tone of the mirror glass, the TV disappears completely when it is switched off. Even if the mirror is a little darker than ordinary mirrors, it is still perfect for shaving or for applying makeup.

For a grandiose effect, we recommend a subtle light as an ambience, which is why we offer the MirrorVue with integrated lights in warm or cold tones. You can frame your vanity mirror or leave it in the classic style with our perfectly polished edges. You can find more detailed information on our accessories page for the MirrorVue.


Tinted mirror

The tinted mirrors, inspired by decorative art, are the secret weapon of every interior designer.

The tinted mirror glass is particularly good in bright rooms because it reduces the reflections on the TV when it is switched on. It creates a sleek and contemporary impression without compromising functionality. It fits best on larger TVs and in rooms that are lit by lots of natural light.

Although the TV won't completely disappear when it's turned off and it's still easy to see, the tinted mirror glass is best for a well-lit living room, office, elevator, or dining room.

Advertising mirror

Your product branding and our TV advertising mirror are an unbeatable team. Just load the files you need onto a USB stick and your products will get the attention they deserve. Use this ingenious tool to spread your unique business idea - monthly or daily. If your wall could speak, what would you like to hear from it?

This mirror was specially made with advertising in mind and allows the big TVs to appear in their full glory and still completely disappear when they are turned off. The best choice for your commercial application.

Black mirror

Create an extremely sophisticated effect with our beautiful black onyx mirror glass. Ideal for use in living rooms, shops, offices or beauty salons. With this variant, around 25% of the TV area is visible when it is switched off and appears discreetly in dark gray. When the TV is switched on, you will experience a picture with vivid, dynamic and clear colors, even in a bright room.