Is it Google Photos better than OneDrive

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The online storage Google Photos is one of the most popular places to save your own pictures. But in the coming year you will have to pay money for the previously free storage space under certain circumstances.

If you want to avoid that, you have to look for alternatives. But they are rare, because Google's free offer has so far been virtually unbeatable. But: Some people may already have paid storage available as an alternative solution without knowing it!

What exactly does Google Photos do? Many Android smartphones use the app as standard to manage recordings from the mobile phone camera and automatically save them to Google's online storage. It can also be used to transfer all of the recordings made to the iPhone. The advantage: So far, unlimited storage capacity for high quality images (maximum 16 megabytes file size), plus a convenient search function.

What exactly is changing? As of June 1, 2021, backed up photos will be counted towards the free storage that belongs to every Google account. 15 gigabytes of space are available, but this is also used by Google services such as Drive and Gmail.

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That means: Anyone who backs up their recordings with Google Photos from June 1st of next year will slowly fill up the free storage space. And when that is used up, additional space has to be bought.

Google thinks that for most users it could take years before the available free storage is exhausted. But anyone who uses services such as Drive and Gmail in addition to Google Photos could reach the limit of free storage within a few months.

Then what can you do? If you want to continue using Google Photos as usual, you have to take out a subscription to Google One. There, for example, 100 gigabytes of storage space cost 1.99 euros per month. For 9.99 euros per month you get 2 terabytes (corresponds to approx. 2000 gigabytes).

Are you already paying for these providers?

But if you are not attached to Google Photos, you can move to another online storage facility - which you may already have paid for without knowing it!

Example Amazon: Anyone who has a Prime membership (7.99 euros per month or 69 euros per year) also has free online storage for an unlimited number of photos in original quality.

With the Amazon Photos app (available for Android and iPhone), the recordings are transferred from the smartphone. In the app and on the website the photos can be viewed, searched, sorted into albums or shared with other people.

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