Was Joker ever a good guy

The Dark Knight Quotes

Banker: Hey. Do you have any idea who you're trying to rob here? You and your friends are dead! Clown: That was his last, wasn't it? Joker: * nod * clown: * is shot * clown: where did you learn to count?

Banker: Do you think you are clever? This guy who hired you is going to kill you as well. Criminals used to have values ​​in this town. Honor. Respect. Look at you. What do you still believe in What do you believe in? Joker: I think anything that doesn't kill you makes you weird.

Batman: I don't want to see you guys here again! Batman doppelganger: we just wanted to help you! Batman: I don't need any help! Scarecrow: Wouldn't be my diagnosis.

Bruce Wayne: There were imitators again, Alfred, this time with guns. Alfred Pennyworth: Hire her and take the weekend off. Bruce Wayne: Of course, that's not what I meant when I said I wanted to inspire people. Alfred Pennyworth: I know. But things have gotten better.

Alfred Pennyworth: Realize your limits, Master Wayne. Bruce Wayne: Batman has no limits. Alfred Pennyworth: You do, sir. Bruce Wayne: I can't afford to know you. Alfred Pennyworth: What if you find out one day? Bruce Wayne: Well, you always like to say, "I told you so." Alfred Pennyworth: On a day like that, Master Wayne, I would refrain.

Harvey Dent: carbon fiber, .28 caliber, Made in China. You want to kill me, Mr. Maroni? Then take an American one. Judge: Get him out. Harvey Dent: Your Honor, I wasn't done yet.

Harvey Dent: I think you and your friend hit the last point that still hurts them: their wallets. Very daring. Can I join?

Lucius Fox: Is there anything else I can help you with? Bruce Wayne: A new suit. Lucius Fox: Yes, 3 buttons are 90s, Mr. Wayne. Bruce Wayne: I'm not talking about fashion, Mr. Fox, I'm talking about functionality. Lucius Fox: You want to be able to turn your head, yes? Bruce Wayne: Backing up would be easier.

Harvey Dent: When the enemy was at the gates, the Romans abolished democracy and appointed a man to protect the city. And it was not considered an honor, but a service to the people. Rachel Dawes: Harvey, the last man the Romans called to protect the republic, was Caesar. And he never gave up his power again. Harvey Dent: Okay, maybe. You die a hero or live until you become the bad guy yourself.

Joker: And by the way, the suit wasn't cheap. Should you know you paid him.

Joker: Do you want to know where these scars came from? My father was a drinker and a fiend. And one night he went nuts more than usual. Mommy gets hold of the kitchen knife and struggles. He doesn't like that at all. Not a little. So while I watch he pushes the knife in her and laughs as he cuts. He turns to me and he says, "Why are you so serious?" He comes up to me with the knife. "Why so serious?" He sticks the blade in my mouth. "Let's put a smile on this face." And ... why are you so serious?

Joker: So our organization is small, but there is huge potential for aggressive expansion. So which of the gentlemen would like to join our team? There's only one vacancy at the moment, so this is kind of ... casting.

Jim Gordon: Our boy looks good on TV. Salvatore Maroni: Are you sure you want to expose me in front of my friends? Jim Gordon: Don't worry. They come with me.

Brian Douglas: He's a symbol. So that we don't have to be afraid of scum like you. Joker: You do, Brian. You definitely. So you think Batman made Gotham better? Brian Douglas: Yeah. Joker: look at me. Look at me! Do you see? That's how crazy Batman made Gotham. You want law and order in Gotham. Batman has to take off his mask and face it. Every day he doesn't, people will die. It starts today. I stay to my word.

Harvey Dent: Any psychotic ex-boyfriends to watch out for? Alfred Pennyworth: Oh, you have no idea.

Party guest: We won't be intimidated by thugs like you. Joker: You know, you remind me of my father. I hated him, my father.

Joker: Oh, hello, my beautiful. You must be Harvey's sweetheart. And you are beautiful Oh, you look nervous. Is it because of the scars? Do you want to know where they come from? Come here. Hey Look at me. I also had a wife. She was beautiful. Like you. Who tells me I worry too much. Telling me to smile more Who gambles and gets involved with sharks. Hey One day they cut up your face. And we don't have the money for operations. She can't take it. I just want to see you smile again. I just want to show her that I don't care about the scars. So, I'll put a razor in my mouth and do this ... With me. And you know what? She can't stand the sight! She is leaving me. Now I see the funny side of it. Because now I always smile. A bit stubborn. I like that. Batman: Then you'll love me!

Alfred Pennyworth: Well, apparently he found it amusing. There are people who are not interested in logical things. For example money. You can't buy them, intimidate them, make them sensible, or negotiate with them. Some people just want to see the world burn.

Lucius Fox: I'll sum that up. Do you think your client, one of the richest and most powerful men in the world, is a secret vigilante who beats felons to a pulp with bare fists at night? Are you planning to blackmail someone like that? Good luck.

Harvey Dent: I'm not even going to decide that myself. Head, and you can keep your head. Pay, not so cheap.

Batman: You are the symbol of hope that I can never be. Your resistance to organized crime is the first bright spot in Gotham in decades. If anyone had seen this, you would have ruined everything. All the criminals you locked up would be free again. And Jim Gordon would have died in vain. Have a press conference tomorrow morning. Harvey Dent: What for? Batman: Nobody dies because of me anymore. Gotham is now in your hands. Harvey Dent: You mustn't. You mustn't give up. You are not allowed to do that!

Bruce Wayne: I don't have a choice. Rachel Dawes: Do you really think that's what keeps the Joker from killing people? Bruce Wayne: Maybe not. But I've got enough blood on my hands. And I saw what I had to become to stop someone like him. You once said when the day comes that I stop we could be together.

Rachel Dawes: Bruce. If you face up, they'll never let us be together.

Bruce Wayne: People are dying, Alfred. What do you think I should do? Alfred Pennyworth: Take it, Master Wayne. Endure it. Everyone will hate you for it. But that's Batman's advantage. He can be the outcast. He has a choice that no one else has. The right choice. Bruce Wayne: And as of today I know what Batman can't do. Endure it. Today you can say: "I told you so." Alfred Pennyworth: Just today I don't feel like it. But shit again, I told you. I suppose they'll lock me up too. As your accomplice. Bruce Wayne: accomplice? I tell them the whole thing was your idea.

Harvey Dent: The darkest night is before dawn. But I promise you: dusk is breaking. One day Batman will have to answer for the laws he's broken. But before us. Not in front of this madman.

Alfred Pennyworth: Maybe Bruce and Mr. Dent both believe that Batman represents something far more significant than the whim of a terrorist, Miss Dawes. Even if everyone hates him for it. That is the sacrifice he makes. He's not a hero. He is much more than that.

Joker: A great job. Great job.

Joker: There's a Batman there. Oh do you wanna play Come on.

Joker: Come here, come here. I want you to do it, come on, come here! Come here, come here, I want you to do it, give it to me. Give it to me, give it to me!

Joker: I don't want to kill you! What would I do without you Stealing from mafia dealers again? No no. No, you make me perfect first. Batman: You are trash. You kill for money. Joker: Don't talk like them. You are not like that! Even if you'd like to be. You're just a freak to them. Like me. Right now they need you. But if not, they'll cast you away again. Like a leper. You know their morals, their code is a bad joke. Discarded at the first sign of anger. They are only as good as the world allows them to be. That's how it is. When the going gets tough, these civilized people are eating each other.

Batman: I have a rule. Joker: And you have to break this rule to find out the truth. Batman: Which would be? Joker: The most bearable way to live without rules is in this world. And tonight you will break it, your only rule. Batman: I'm considering. Joker: You don't have much time left. You have to play my game if you want to save any of them. Batman: One? Joker: You know, for a while I really thought you were Dent. The way you jumped after her. How you let yourself go ... Does Harvey know about you and his little sparrow? Batman: where are you! Joker: Killing is about making decisions. Batman: where are you! Joker: For one life or the other. For your friend, the prosecutor, or his lovely bride? You have absolutely nothing. Nothing to threaten me with. So much power and you can't do anything with it.

Joker: Do you want to know why I use a knife? Guns are too fast. Otherwise one cannot really savor the feelings and impulses. In their final moments, people show who they really are. So, in a way, I knew your friends better than you ever knew them. Would you like to know who a coward was?

Rachel Dawes: I don't want to live without you anymore and I have an answer for you. And my answer is yes.

Rachel Dawes: Dear Bruce, I want to be honest with you. I'm going to marry Harvey Dent. I love him and I want to spend my life with him. When I told you we could be together when Gotham doesn't need Batman anymore, I meant it. But now I am convinced that the day will never come when you will no longer need Batman. I hope so anyway. And when the time comes, I'll be there, but as a friend. Unfortunately I have to disappoint you. If you lose faith in me, please keep faith in people.

Joker: All you care about is money. This city deserves a different caliber of criminals. And I'll give it to her. Tell your men that they work for me now. This is my city!

Alfred Pennyworth: Are you going to take the batpod, sir? Bruce Wayne: In broad daylight, Alfred? Not very subtle. Alfred Pennyworth: So the Lamborghini. Is much more subtle.

Joker: Take a little shot of anarchy. Bring the traditional order out of balance and what will arise? Chaos. I am the mess. And do you know what chaos actually is? It's fair Harvey Dent: Head, you stay alive. Number, or not. Joker: Now we get along.

Lucius Fox: Just at what price? That's too much power for one person. Batman: That's why I gave it to you. Only you have access. Lucius Fox: Spying on 30 million people is not on my contract. This time I'll help. After that, however, I will resign. As long as this machine is at Wayne Enterprises, I won't be here.

Batman: What do you want to prove? That everyone is as degenerate as you are at their core? You stand there alone. Joker: You can't rely on any pig these days. You have to do everything by yourself. Or not? We live in a fun world. Speaking of which, do you know where I got these scars from? Batman: No. But I know where you got this from.

Harvey Dent: In a dishonorable time you thought we were honorable men! But you were wrong. The world is cruel. And in a world like that, the only moral factor is chance. Impartial. Impartial. Fair. Batman: What happened to Rachel was no accident. We decided to act. We 3. Harvey Dent: Then why am I the only one who lost everything? Batman: You are not. Harvey Dent: The Joker chose me! Batman: Because you're the best of us! He just wanted to prove that even someone as good as you can fail. Harvey Dent: And he was right. Batman: You have the gun, Harvey. So direct them to the people who are responsible.

Jim Gordon: The Joker won. Harvey's prosecutor, everything he fought for, all over. Whatever chance there was of saving our city, it is dying with Harvey's good name. We had everything on him. The Joker has torn the best of us into the abyss. People will lose hope. Batman: They won't. You must never know what he did. Jim Gordon: 5 dead? 2 are police officers. You can't ... Batman: No. But the joker must not win. Gotham needs its real hero. Jim Gordon: No. Batman: You die a hero or live until you become the bad guy yourself. I could have done it. Because I'm not a hero like Dent. I committed these murders. This is what I can be Jim Gordon: No, no, you mustn't, you aren't! Batman: I am whatever Gotham takes. Tell your people.

Jim Gordon: A hero. Not the hero we deserved, but the one we needed. No less than a knight, a shining one.

Jim Gordon: You will be hunted. Batman: They're going to chase me. Judge me Set the dogs on me. Because that's what it takes. Because sometimes the truth is not good enough. Sometimes people earn more. Sometimes people deserve their trust to be rewarded.

Jim Gordon: Because he's the hero Gotham deserves. But not the one it needs right now. So let's hunt him down. Because he can take it. Because he's not a hero. He is a silent guardian, a vigilant protector. A dark knight.