How do you hatch a dragon egg

Dragon's hatching dragon Toothless “You should know that


Do you love the dragons and the movies "Taming Dragons Made Easy"? Then you absolutely have to Dragon's hatching Toothless dragon look at. So cool!

Dragon action in the nursery.

You can finally hatch your own black baby dragon Toothless. Yes, you read that right, like a hatchimals, the baby dragon Toothless hatches out of the egg.


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What do you have to do to get your hatching dragon Toothless to hatch from the egg?


Oh, in contrast to the Hatchmals, you have to annoy the black baby dragon Toothless a little, because only when he gets really angry does he hatch from the egg. It's best to take the black marbled egg in both hands and shake the egg vigorously back and forth so that the baby dragon is shaken properly. If you tip the egg upside down, the baby dragon Toothless will wake up in the egg.

When the dragons hatching dragon is really upset, it starts to open growl. If you knock on the bowl, the baby dragon Toothless knocks back. Now you can already do his green shining eyes see through the shell. As soon as the shell starts to crack as a result of tapping, it is best to help the baby dragon hatch. Just gently break the shell open.

Now begins, the fun of the game and your real task!


You are the trainer of the dragon hatching Toothless!


Now you are becoming a dragon tamer!

The baby dragon Toothless absolutely needs a trainer, because you have to teach him how to fly and how to use his plasma jet.

When you let the baby dragon Toothless whiz through the air emotional the dragons hatching dragon his Wings and ears. You charge his plasma jet by holding his stomach and letting it go again. Now his dragon's mouth glows green and he makes the Original sounds from "Taming Dragons Made Easy: The Secret World".

After so many exciting adventures, the dragon hatching Toothless is hungry. Feed him the interactive white fish accessory.

When an action-packed day comes to an end, put the little, totally tired baby dragon Ohnezahn back in its egg for a dragon nap.

That's what I call kite-strength gaming fun!


What else can the Dragon Hatching Toothless do?


The cheerful baby dragon Toothless loves to play! You can him ask questions and he answers you with Head and wing movements, light and sounds.

You can also feel in a Roar competition measure with him. Furthermore, the game “hot potato” is particularly funny. You have to be quick, otherwise you will get his plasma jet. But do you make music Toothless dances back and forth to the rhythm.

Together with Toothless you fly straight into the great adventure "How to Train Your Dragon: The Secret World"


  • Item weight: approx. 1000 g
  • Product size: 20.3 x 20.3 x 25.4 cm
  • Interactive baby dragon hatches from the egg
  • Moves head and wings
  • Original sounds
  • Dance
  • interactive games
  • suitable for children from 4 years


Dragons hatching dragon Toothless is THE interactive game fun with lots of dragon action and all original details.

This is where the interactive baby dragon Toothless hatches from the famous movie "Taming Dragons Made Easy: The Secret World".

After hatching, the Dragons baby dragon Toothless wakes up with them shining eyes, realistic movements and lifelike sounds to live.

Toothless needs a friend who will help him hatch, show him how to fly and spit his plasma beam. Thanks to his Head and abdomen sensors you can build an exciting connection with him.

Become a dragon tamer and bring the exciting Dragons adventure into the children's room.

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