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Video Game Oscars - Game Awards 2018: All winners of the Games Oscars

On Friday night, the Game Awards were presented in Los Angeles, the Oscars of the gaming world, so to speak. But not only were winners chosen and prizes handed out at the event, but one or the other piece of news was also announced.

The winners of the Game Awards 2018

The important things first: "God of War" won the “Game of the Year” category. The game also received the trophy for best action / adventure game. The creators of "God of War" were also awarded as the best studio / game direction.

They have also received multiple awards "Red Dead Redemption 2", which won the award for the best story, the best music and the best sound design. The actor Roger Clark received the award for best performance for portraying the protagonist Arthur Morgan.

"Fortnite" was happy about the award as best multiplayer game and best ongoing game.

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Dominique McLean was alias as the best e-sports player "Sonix Fox" excellent and gave an emotional speech that can be seen in the video here.

Game Awards 2018: An overview of all winners and categories

● Game of the year: God of War

● Best Continuous Game: Fortnite

● Best director: God of War

● Best story: Red Dead Redemption 2

● Best artistic design: Return of the Obra Dinn

● Best music: Red Dead Redemption 2

● Best audio design: Red Dead Redemption 2

● Best Actor: Roger Clark (Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2)

● "Games For Impact" award for games with a message: Celeste

● Best indie game: Celeste

● Best mobile game: Florence

● Best VR / AR game: Astro Bot Rescue Mission

● Best action game: Dead Cells

● Best action adventure: God of War

● Best RPG: Monster Hunter: World

● Best fighting game: Dragon Ball FighterZ

● Best family game: Overcooked 2

● Best strategy game: Into the Breach

● Best sports or racing game: Forza Horizon 4

● Best Multiplayer Game: Fortnite

● Best Student Game: Combat 2018

● Best indie debut: The Messenger

● Best esports game: Overwatch

Announcements at the Game Awards 2018

In addition to the award ceremony, a lot was announced at the Game Awards, for example:

The Outer Worlds

Obsidian Entertainment has announced a new role-playing game. Obsidian is the studio behind “Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic II” or “Neverwinter Nights 2”, for example. “The Outer Worlds” will be a sci-fi RPG. The game should be released in 2019.

Stranger Things

The third season “Stranger Things” will have its own game. The minds behind the show, the Duffer brothers, presented the game as a series at the Game Awards - in a retro look, of course. There is no release date yet, but apparently you should be able to re-enact the events of the third season.

Far Cry: New Dawn

The next "Far Cry" is a sequel to "Far Cry 5" - and it will be released in February. The setting: the post-apocalypse.

Mortal Kombat 11

BioWare announced the next "Mortal Kombat". The game should be released on April 23rd. Unsurprisingly, the trailer is bloody.

Anthem and Dragon Age

In addition to a new trailer for “Anthem”, BioWare lured “Dragon Age” fans with a short teaser - but what the game is called or when it will be released is still unclear.

Epic launches its Steam competitor

It was announced at the beginning of the week, now it's live: Epic's own game sales portal.

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