What do people want to be

"People want to be noticed and appreciated"

You stand by the fact that you have already stepped into some faux pas yourself. Hand on heart: what was your biggest faux pas?

I probably don't even know my biggest faux pas, because a benevolent person wanted to spare me an embarrassment and covered my embarrassment in silence without me even realizing it.

How do you see the relationship between host and guest? Are there any no-gos for you, both on the part of the host and on the part of the guest?

Whether guests or hosts, people believe things are the way they see them. To accept that your own perspective is your own perspective is so infinitely difficult. Because the host is the host and the guest is the guest. For the host, the following applies: the guest is king. For the guest: a king is a king, not a despot. And the following applies to both: be yielding. Because quite a few hosts found themselves as guests and so many guests as hosts.

And what about the relationship between employee and manager? Are there “must dos” here?

The following applies to employees: Do not believe everything you think about your ability and the failure of your superiors. The following applies to superiors: Don't believe everything you think about yourself just because your employees don't tell you what they think of you.

What are the five most elementary rules of conduct when visiting a restaurant or hotel?

Treat the service as you would like your children to be treated when they work in the hotel or restaurant business. Smile, that is good for you and others. Thank those who gave you a great time. With words and little gifts. Enjoy your stay and don't spoil anyone's his. Whether cleaning staff or general manager. Say things that you dislike in such a way that the other person can save his face and your facial features do not slip away.

What would you do if a waitress accidentally spilled a drink on your clothes?

That just happened to me again. That's why I still have the situation in mind. I was still able to catch the wheat beer glass that rushed towards me a little, but half got my jeans. "Oh God, I feel so uncomfortable," said the waitress. "Worse," I said, smiling and she smiled back. That closed the subject.

You also give lectures in companies. If you were to give a presentation to hoteliers and restaurateurs, what tips would they like to give you?

Lead your employees in such a way that you treat your guests like kings and support them when they meet despots.

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Most people want more courtesy, respect and appreciation in life. Why only so often from others? Moritz Freiherr Knigge says what we can do ourselves to get along better with each other. He attended school in Hanover, apprenticed as a publishing clerk in Göttingen, and lived in Neukölln to study business administration and people. He found his first job in the Rhineland. Here his vocation became his profession: to shape dealing with people in such a way that they succeed, that they make them happy. In 2002 he started his own business. Since then he has published seven books and an audio book, led workshops and seminars, wrote columns, gave interviews, stood and sat in front of cameras and microphones. As a speaker he has spoken to an audience of more than 125,000 to date. From his insights and experiences in dealing with people.