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Leetcode Algorithm Coding, Java Interview Offline

• Are you looking for a new job in tech industry but don't know how to prepare for Java coding / programming interview questions?
• Would you like to improve your algorithm and data structures problem solving skills as a software engineer?
• Do you have very little time to learn various algorithm problems?
• Are you afraid of forgetting the coding / programming interview questions and answers you have learned previously?

APAS is here to help!

What is APAS?
APAS is short for algorithm problems and solutions. This coding / programming interview app helps you access and learn interview questions offline on an Android device anywhere anytime!

Currently it features algorithms and data structures interview problems from Leetcode. You can grasp how to answer Java coding interview questions easily with this APP as long as you know some Java basics!

❤️ More than 400 most common Leetcode coding / programming interview questions on algorithms, data structures, and even system designs!
❤️ New Leetcode problems are updated every now and then and you will get notified!
❤️ Each Leetcode algorithms and data structures problem has a clean, detailed problem description and one or more Java solutions!
❤️ Each solution is syntax-highlighted with line number, and can expand to full screen!
❤️ Review a problem based on best spaced repetition intervals to gain long-term memory!
❤️ Mock interviews: generate a problem set as a quiz. Time's limited for each problem. Just like real coding interviews!
❤️ You can also mark a problem and read it later!
❤️ You can also take notes of a problem!
❤️ You are able to search any Leetcode problem quickly with its name or id!
❤️ Problems are categorized by different levels, various topics or companies that have asked them in real interviews before!
❤️ Dark theme support for less battery usage and long time reading at night!
❤️ One simple switch to turn on offline mode so that you are totally free from network!

All Java solutions are based on this popular Github repo that has close to 1500 stars! https://github.com/FreeTymeKiyan/LeetCode-Sol-Res

Some of the solutions are also available in python or c ++!

If you have any feedback, please comment or send an email in the app or to [email protected] I will get back to you and address the issues ASAP.

List of data structures
• String
• array
• Stack
• Queue
• Hash table
• Map
• Linked list
• heap
• Tree
• Trie
• Binary Indexed Tree
• Segment Tree
• Binary Search Tree
• Union Find
• graph
• Geometry

List of algorithms
• Binary Search
• Divide and Conquer
• Recursion
• Dynamic programming
• Memoization
• Backtracking
• Greedy
• Sorting
• Topological Sort
• Breadth-first search
• Depth-first search
• Reservoir sampling
• Rejection sampling
• Two pointers
• Bit operations
• Minimax
• Random