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The Toyota Yaris is the best-selling model by the Japanese in Germany and Europe. In the ADAC breakdown statistics, it has scored top marks for reliability for years. Another recipe for success of the hatchback sedan are the compact external dimensions (less than four meters in length), an unusually extensive range of safety equipment in the small car segment and yet particularly fuel-efficient engines.

The particular strength of the Toyota brand has always been the hybrid models. As early as 2012, Toyota introduced the third generation of the Yaris as a hybrid - thus the first and, for many years, only hybrid model in the small car class. In the current fourth generation, a newly developed hybrid is used in combination with the 1.5-liter petrol engine with top values ​​in terms of consumption and emissions.

Toyota certainly scores

The first generation of the Yaris was launched in Germany in 1999 and quickly became a bestseller. In 2005, the second generation already achieved a full five stars in the Euro NCAP crash test, which the latest fourth generation was able to prove again in 2020 - it is not for nothing that Toyota is considered one of the best manufacturers in terms of safety.

Vehicle type

As a small car in the form of a hatchback, the Toyota Yaris is the best-seller for the Japanese. With a total length of less than four meters and a wheelbase of only 2.56 m, it is nimble and manoeuvrable in the city and impresses with its fuel-efficient engines and top ratings in terms of safety.


The Toyota Yaris has been on the market in Europe as a hatchback sedan (or hatchback sedan) in the small car segment since 1998. The fourth generation has been available to order since 2020. In addition to seven different equipment lines, there is a choice of three engines for the Yaris: two petrol engines with 72 hp or 125 hp and a hybrid model with 116 hp.

In addition to the basic model of the Yaris in seven equipment lines, Toyota has also been offering the top model in the GR series since autumn 2020. With 261 hp from a 1.6 l three-cylinder gasoline engine, the Yaris GR is expected to accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in 5.5 seconds. All Yaris GR are equipped with all-wheel drive. In contrast to the other models in the series, the GR Yaris is only available as a three-door model, and the top speed is electronically limited to 230 km / h.


A cross version of the Yaris as an SUV with all-wheel drive has also been announced for 2021. The model is to be sold as the successor to the former Verso. The city SUV market is currently growing rapidly, as the elevated seating position provides a better overview of city traffic, while the chassis remains agile and manoeuvrable with a short wheelbase. An important aspect of these raised small cars is the short overall length, which is ideal for finding a parking space in city traffic. Toyota also offers other SUVs from various categories.

Toyota Yaris colors

manganese bronze metallic / roof arctic white
marling gray metallic / roof arctic white
marling gray metallic / roof tokyo fusion red metallic
mystic black mica / roof arctic white