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In our visual communication world are Logos important orientation features, quasi signposts through the jungle of the many brands. The biggest brands in the world spend a lot of money to have their company logos designed, revised or redesigned. Such funds are not available to EPUs or associations - but luckily there is a cheaper alternative for logo design.

The own logo creating it yourself requires a lot of graphical sensitivity. Technical knowledge of Photoshop alone does not help. A safe look and that certain something cannot replace the many free online logo generators. However, professional design development is expensive and very few EPUs can afford three-digit amounts to get a presentable logo design.

Put the pen on the paper yourself? Only an option if you can. (Photo: Rainer Sturm / pixelio)

This is exactly where comes in. The international marketplace for creative services takes its name from the pricing: each logo in the basic version costs five dollars plus 10 percent expenses for the platform. Thousands of designers are now registered worldwide who offer all kinds of “micro jobs” - called “gigs” in Fiverr's terminology.

How does ordering a logo design work on Fiverr?

When I first came across Fiverr through Facebook ads, I naturally became suspicious, because five dollars sounds like guaranteed underpaid at first. It turns out that this is not the case with the first order: The designers offer a package of their choice for five dollars, usually one or two logo suggestions without correction or feedback rounds. There’s a medium resolution JPEG for this. Faster processing (the average "delivery time" is 10 days), vector and additional formats are ordered as add-ons - optionally also after the order has been processed.

That makes Fiverr a very transparent and risk-free platform. I was even more curious that it was not just providers from low-wage countries, but rather numerous creative freelancers from the EU and the USA who were registered. I had long wanted to have a few new company logos created anyway, so I decided to place a few test orders.

The typical online marketplace filter functions help to quickly identify a few interesting candidates from the flood of providers: on the one hand, the ratings and the "featured" seal help, on the other hand you can find numerous work samples on the profile pages, so that it quickly becomes clear whether the handwriting of the respective designer fits to your own ideas.

The processing of the order is quite simple. Payment is made immediately, then you fill out a briefing provided by the service provider, communication is usually in English. The specifications contain the typical design parameters such as colors, fonts, description of the company, logo examples ... you can write in great detail here, provided that corresponding CI guidelines are available - or just make rough specifications and rely entirely on the creativity of the designer .

I decided on the second variant for my first "test run":

Short briefing for the social media messenger logo.

As a social media publisher and blogger you have an increased need for a logo anyway - sometimes a LinkedIn group needs a new look, a new landing page is due: There is enough need for logo designs, and there is hardly ever any budget for "regular" logo design development.

At $ 5 per logo design, Fiverr could easily be used as a “brainstorming tool” to easily and inexpensively obtain a series of designs instead of individual logo designs. There are tough times ahead for classic advertising agencies. I was curious whether the deliveries would be on time and whether I would be satisfied with the result, so I immediately ordered two more logos - the result surprised me.

My Fiverr Logos: Infinitely better than self-made

I am good at Photoshop and, as a passionate photographer, I am of course familiar with Lightroom and digital image development, but I have no idea about logo design. I hired the first designer to create a (long overdue) logo for my daily social media messenger.

For the daily social media messenger, I wanted an icon-like logo in my CI color.

The second order was to design a logo for Astrid's Page Communication - one that could also be used in a square. A challenge with such a long and cumbersome word that my fellow blogger immediately liked.

The choice of color for Astrid's logo was also clear.

I have the third logo for OMÖ | Online Marketing Austria ordered, our LinkedIn industry group. Find business iconology at its own!

OMÖ is the largest LinkedIn community for the German-speaking online marketing industry.

Conclusion: I immediately ordered the vector files for all three logos (surcharge per logo between $ 15 and $ 40 depending on the designer), although the JPEGs would have been enough for pure web use. That was definitely not my last order from Fiverr - if a logo for a new project is due again, then I'll be careful not to spend hours producing one hideous design after another - and instead order right away from Fiverr. With the price you can and should give a proper tip.

Fiverr Marketplace Rating
Unbeatable cheap
Wide product range
Micro jobs at the lowest price - Fiverr doesn't just make web designers happy.
Popularity / number of participants9.5
Value for money10


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