When is your next day off?

A precious commodity: the 2021 gulf days are few and far between

Window or gusset days are a much sought-after way to enjoy a lot of free time with just a few vacation days. Depending on which day of the week the public holidays fall, there are good and bad twilight years - 2021 is one of the latter. But no more complaining: Let's enjoy what we have to the fullest!

Window days 2021: Calendar to download

Here you can download the calendar 2021 as a pdf.

Much free for a few days of vacation: The best weeks in 2021

January 2021: Use the first week!

As always in January, there are public holidays on the 1st and 6th right at the beginning. Accordingly, the time in between is ideal for vacation: With four vacation days you can enjoy a total of ten days of free time - eleven if you are on December 31st. get additional leave as a benefit for your company.

April: Easter invites you to vacation

In the first week of April, four days of vacation can become nine days of free time. Easter Monday makes it possible!

May: A lot of vacation in the wonderful month

We have a lot more choice in May. With three public holidays on the 1st, 13th and 14th of the month, everyone in the team can certainly treat themselves to one or the other long weekend or even a pre-summer vacation. The transition from May to June is particularly suitable for this.

June: Early summer vacation opportunities

From 22.5. until 6.6. 8 vacation days become 16 days off. After this great opportunity, the Zwickeltage 2021 will take a break for the time being - a fairly long ...

October & November: Well-deserved autumn vacation

We have to be patient until the end of October before we can look forward to another window day. It falls on Monday, October 25th, making calendar week 43 a hot tip for autumn holidays. If you like, you can extend it right into the first week of November, because All Saints' Day is waiting for you on November 1st. a long weekend on us.

December: Meager yield at the end of the year

They say the best comes at the end - and those who really love their work and are reluctant to be free will see it that way in 2021 as well. Everyone else has to be strong now, because there are no tense days between Christmas and New Year this year.

The reason for this: The Christmas holidays on December 25th and 26th fall on a Saturday and Sunday. This means that January 1st, 2022 is also a Saturday. Only the lucky ones who get additional leave from their employer on December 24th and 31st can look forward to two long weekends. Otherwise, week 49 with its public holiday on Wednesday, December 8th, offers the opportunity for a few days of vacation.

But, as I said: stop complaining! Let's look forward to the 2021 Zwickeltage - and to the year 2022. Because things will look much better there again.

That’s how it was this year: the window days 2020

In 2020 there will be eleven weeks in which you can get the most out of a few vacation days. These are the best opportunities for anyone who doesn't have to work on the weekend:

January 2020: Two become six

The year starts well, because in the first week there is a triple jackpot: With just two days of vacation (2nd and 3rd January) you can look forward to six days off. Thats something. If that's not enough for you, just hang on to it for the following week and, with six days of vacation, you have twelve days off. Yay!

April and May 2020: Lots of free time in spring

Because Easter 2020 is only in mid-April, there are unfortunately no open days in March. But April and May mean well to us: you can enjoy nine days off three times with just four days of vacation. In May there is also the opportunity to double the vacation from three to six days (16 to 21 May) and the first quadruple jackpot of the year from 21 to 24 May: One vacation day means four days off! Yeehaw!

June 2020: early summer window days

The first two weeks of June are tough - unlike the offices in Austria, which will probably be quite empty during this time. The best opportunities for strategically well-planned vacations can be found from June 1st to 14th, including a quadruple jackpot, two vacation doublers and twice the chance to have nine days off with just four vacation days. I'll book then ... because the following dry spell will be tough.

October 2020: measly chances of vacation

No, I haven't forgotten anything. In fact, there is not a single twilight day between mid-June and the end of October. The only public holiday during this period falls on a Saturday (August 15) and therefore does not bring us office people anything. But there is a long weekend on the national holiday, because it falls on a Monday. If you take the following four days of vacation, you have a total of nine days off. After all.

December 2020: The vacation days trickle quietly

All Saints' Day falls on a Sunday in 2020 and the chance of giddy days is flat. I would be for alternative holidays for these cases, but because it is not up to me, we have to wait until December before another weekday holiday is due. The time has come on the 8th and we can decide whether we want to allow ourselves four, six or nine days off.

We can look forward to long weekends at Christmas and New Year's Eve. Where December 24th and 31st are considered holidays in the company, there is even more reason to cheer (with us, for example - yay!). With only three days of vacation, these lucky ones can then go blue until January 3rd, which corresponds to eleven days off. But also for everyone else, December 25th to January 3rd are a hot vacation tip, because with four vacation days you have ten days off. A great end of the year, I think.

Planning your vacation made easy: download a gazette day calendar

If you want to start planning your 2020 vacation right away, you can download our calendar 2020 here.

Zwickel, window or bridge day: how do you say?

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