Use consumer QR codes

Study on the use of QR codes

Trust and transparency

Through the use of fraud-proof printing technologies, QR codes offer a reliable way of increasing consumer confidence in the products through transparency. SIG has found that consumers in Brazil and Europe are particularly interested in production and best-before dates. You want to find out about the route the product has taken and its quality. In China, guaranteeing the authenticity of a product is the key to success. 94 percent of consumers say that the safety of the product is crucial for them.

In all the markets examined, it was found that individual and fraud-proof QR codes have the potential to ensure more product transparency and security and ultimately more engagement. In Brazil (98 percent) and Europe (73 percent), consumers are willing to scan QR codes from brands that provide transparent information, while 78 and 39 percent, respectively, would scan QR codes regularly to communicate directly with their brands. "Networked packaging enables the acquisition of real-time data during the entire product journey - starting with procurement, through processing, filling, quality control and logistics to the supermarket shelf," comments Ayed Katrangi. "All of this data can be collected individually for each individual pack and linked to it, so that relevant and transparent information is always available to consumers."

For brands that want to use QR codes on packaging, it is crucial to understand the right motivations and incentives from consumers. In all the markets examined, instant wins - closely followed by cash back - are the most important motivation for scanning a QR code. In addition, a high percentage of consumers in Brazil and Europe agree that promotions make a brand more attractive to shop and that they are willing to scan QR codes more frequently to receive rewards.

Scanning QR codes for a financial bonus is already an established practice in China. In fact, 65 percent of consumers there think it's their number one reason to scan - they rate the financial rewards well above security, shopping help, information, or entertainment. As has been shown in China, gifts are the key to the hearts of consumers, so that brands that offer profits, cash back or shopping vouchers via the QR code will clearly stand out from the rest.

Entertainment means engagement

Using QR codes, consumers can use their smartphones to access a wide variety of interactive content such as videos, songs, games and quizzes. All of this can make a brand and its products more attractive. In Brazil and Europe, video content such as television shows, films and animation are seen as the most attractive form of entertainment for 56 percent and 40 percent of consumers, respectively.

In China, consumers are more interested in accessing online gaming. 59 percent rate this as their preferred form of entertainment. In addition, 59 percent of consumers want to post their interaction with products on social media channels. This makes it clear that consumers want to exchange brand experiences and discuss them. It is evident to all markets that on-pack entertainment is a proven tool for consumer engagement.

In addition to the entertaining elements, QR codes can also provide an improved shopping experience. This includes information about where you can buy products again; Information about the latest sales promotions in the store, how to get in direct contact with customer service or how to quickly reorder products online.

In Brazil (72 percent) and Europe (41 percent), consumers want to know where they can buy the product in question. And in Brazil, 75 percent are willing to scan QR codes regularly to gain access to online shopping. In China, consumers are also interested in knowing where to buy a specific product, but the majority (80 percent) want to be directed to the company's website to shop via quick links.

In all markets, it is evident that consumers are ready to switch to brands that offer help and convenience when shopping online. QR codes offer an ideal platform for this kind of improved shopping experience. They can help increase product sales and brand loyalty.

Establish a connection to consumers

As the results of the SIG study show, QR codes can promote more engagement and loyalty to the brand through product transparency, information and entertainment. They can also guide consumers through the buying process, which ultimately leads to more sales for businesses.

For many consumers, especially in China, scanning a QR code has become a matter of course and an integral part of the shopping and product experience. With the increased use of QR codes around the world, it is time for brands to capitalize on this potential and gain a competitive advantage.

To support brands and food manufacturers in unlocking the potential of networked packaging, SIG offers a range of market-ready solutions as part of the Connected Pack platform. These solutions combine unique digital coding technologies and track-and-trace capabilities to enable connectivity and transparency in every package and encourage greater digital interaction and consumer engagement.

“SIG's Connected Pack platform offers a whole range of traceability and interactive packaging solutions,” concludes Ayed Katrangi. "These allow consumers to easily access product quality information, play games, watch videos, read recipes, enter competitions and even receive personalized information - all through the packaging."