We can't take anything seriously

Translation of "can't take you seriously" in english

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I can't take you seriously with that thing on my head.
I can't take you seriously, with the dead cat on your head.

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Okay, now if you start comparing wands and hammers can I not you times take seriously.
Otherwise we can do the commission don't take it seriously.
Therefore, the Member States become the coastal zone management don't take it seriously.
When the People don't take you seriously, then they have to change, not you.
Both reports clearly show that the Member States assume their responsibility don't take it seriously.
We certainly have to don't take it seriously.
I think that this is something which we should really regard with ridicule.
This Parliament would be itself don't take it seriouslywhen we take a decision and then need 80 years to implement it.
It's strange that we do it don't take it seriously can.
Because they have the power don't take it seriously, therefore.
You see, you can do this fortune teller don't take it seriously.
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