How do I sleep effectively

Ten sleeping tips

1. Luxury foods

Stimulants such as nicotine, coffee, alcohol, but also medication disturb sleep all the more the shorter they are taken before going to bed.

2nd point in time

If you cannot fall asleep at a certain point in time: Postpone bedtime by half an hour forwards or backwards. The same goes for the wake-up time.

3. Regular daily and sleep rhythm

Daily activities, especially mealtimes, should always be done at the same time. This allows the body to prepare better for sleep. Also, if possible, always go to bed at the same time - even on weekends.

4. Sports

Stop exercising after the late afternoon. Exercise in the evening activates the body and this delays falling asleep.

5. Eating

No late and heavy meals. Above all, they disturb sleeping through the night.

6. Rest

Rest at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Walks or quiet music can help relax.

7. ritual

Always keep to the same sleep ritual whenever possible. In this way you signal to the body that it is about to go to sleep.

8. Fall asleep

Relax, listen to light music, don't brood, think about pleasant things.

9. Sleep environment

Room temperature, lighting conditions and noise levels can have a significant impact on sleep. The bed should only be used for sleeping and not for work. The body should only associate the bed with sleeping.

The bedroom should not be warmer than 18 degrees and have a humidity of around 15 percent.

10. Duration of sleep

Don't stay in bed too long, rather shorten the time. As a result, the time spent in bed is usually more effectively spent sleeping.