How widespread is MADlib

For the eccentric Japanese Fun Music engineers, inventing a new instrument is far more important than its actual sound. They love the "kawaii" cuteness aesthetic and create objects that look like children's toys. The most important thing for the electrical engineer Nobumichi, alias Maywa Denki, is that his instruments have "a soul". The Japanese, who looks like Inspector Gadget, have already created around a hundred inventions, including the "Otomatone", which looks like a musical note and is a huge bestseller. Yuji Okuyama has a passion for frogs and wanted to combine animals and music: in 2006 he created "Keromin", an instrument in the shape of a plush frog. The newest "baby" of the Japanese Masami Takeuchi is the "Matryomin": a theremin - in good German aetherwave violin - in a matryoshka doll.

  • Kehinde Wiley: King is trump

With him, b-boys become princes: the African-American artist Kehinde Wiley has made a name for himself as an original portrait painter of celebrities of his skin color. For example, he immortalized prominent hip-hoppers (Notorious BIG, Ice T) and footballers (Emmanuel Eboué, Samuel Eto'o) in poses that are reminiscent of portraits of kings and emperors from the 16th and 17th centuries. He mixes the dress codes of hip-hop-bling-bling with attributes of the mighty and thus reinterprets the paintings of the old masters. For his first solo exhibition in Paris, Kehinde is presenting his project "The World Stage", which stages the traditionally "invisible" who usually have no access to representations of power. From 2006 Wiley roamed the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and the slums of New Delhi and shows his version of French colonial history with impressions from Morocco, Tunisia and Gabon.

  • Madlib: Whoever lives in hiding lives freely

He is the most charismatic of the Californian hip-hoppers: Madlib refuses interviews, barely shows himself in his clips, hides behind ever new appearances and aliases. He is one of the most productive and influential rappers and music producers on the West Coast. The 39-year-old has produced hundreds of records and a musical spectrum that covers jazz and soul as well as world music from Brazil, Africa and India. He processes his numerous musical influences in the old style: without a computer, in his studio, where the LPs fill three entire rooms. The musical chameleon Madlib makes himself a legend by covering up the tracks.

  • Brandon Cronenberg: microbe film. Warning: A Cronenberg rarely comes alone! The 32-year-old son of director David Cronenberg was the first to direct a movie himself. Under the guidance of his father, he first practiced short films and special effects, and at the last Cannes film festival, Brandon presented "Antiviral" in the "Un Certain Regard" category. In this first feature film, Syd March sells viruses that are grown on the skin of celebrities and sold to their biggest fans. The height of fanaticism: catching the cold of your beloved favorite star.

  • O Children: The children of the New Wave

Before Tobi O'Kandi founded his band O Children in 2008, he played on "Bono Must Die" - until this band was forced to rename itself due to threats from the U2 frontman's lawyer. Originally intended for a legal career, the London singer of Nigerian descent finally decided on a music career and teamed up with 3 other twenty-year-olds. The band name "O Children" pays homage to Nick Cave's eponymous song, but the music is heavily influenced by the eighties and bands like Sisters of Mercy and Joy Division. His visa problems do not prevent Tobi from continuing to tour with his band. A live where the cold wave runs down your spine.