White wine goes well with lasagna

Wine and pizza

Which one Wine with pizza fits depends mainly on the topping of the pizza. First of all, one must admit that wine generally does not go well with tomatoes because of the underlying acidity that many consciously do not perceive. In combination with wine, the acid is strengthened and can quickly become unpleasant. The popular artichoke is also difficult to combine with wine, as it often has a metallic, bitter taste. However, if the artichoke is baked and thereby tempered and is not the main ingredient of the pizza, it can be overlooked. The tomato sauce should be seasoned with a little sugar to soften the acid explosion. Then different wines go wonderfully with pizza.

Pizza is hearty and spicy. It contains herbs that are mostly based on basil because of the tomato sauce. The cheese makes pizza greasy and depending on the type (s) it can be difficult for elegant wines. The yeast dough as the fourth flavor carrier also makes the choice of top-class wines difficult. Since a lot of not very high quality ingredients come together, it's after one uncomplicated wine asked.

I recommend two different wines:

1. a fresh, fruity red wine with little alcohol and little acid. Although an acidic wine would have something to counteract the greasy cheese and would support digestion, a soft red wine should be better chosen with pizza because of the tomato sauce. Grenache from the Mediterranean would be an uncomplicated companion who inconspicuously submits to the various ingredients. It can be found in France, Spain and North Africa. Often also as a Cuvee with Syrah to get some structure and fullness. That's OK for the pizza too. A faux pas, however, would be a high-quality Grenache from a Chateau du Pape - these wines are long-lasting, intense and complex. A pizza would be an insult and would not do justice to this type of wine. Dry to semi-dry is recommended, depending on the surface. For toppings with fruit, a semi-dry, tasty red wine is the best choice for your pizza.

2. a classy white wine that is medium-heavy in terms of its intensity In addition to the light red, it would also be a harmonious choice for pizza. So a kind of golden mean, like the one, for example Chianti Rufina or the Californian Sangiovese. Also a Chardonnay goes well with pizza. All three types are not too picky and can be served with a wide variety of dishes. These white wines are adaptable and subordinate to the ingredients instead of dominating them. Here, too, dry to semi-tart wines are your choice; the sweeter the ingredients, the more likely you are to go for semi-tart rather than dry wine. It's that simple