What are some London area codes

Country code Great Britain

The UK country code you are looking for is:
+44 or 0044

How to use the UK country code

To make calls to Great Britain, the country code (+44) for Great Britain must be used. To start international phone calls, first dial the country code that begins with the two leading 00s. For Great Britain the international code is 0044. The international code is followed by the national code, leaving out the leading 0 of the area code. Now dial the number of the connection of the person you are talking to in Great Britain.

What are the differences between and 0044 in the country code?

You have probably already noticed that there are two ways of writing country codes. For the country Great Britain the country code is sometimes given as follows: 0044 and on the other hand sometimes with a + in front, so as follows:. Why is that and what is the difference between these two notations? For the UK country code that ends with a + begins (thus) is the international notation. It comes from the cellular sector. The spelling with 00 begins (e.g. 0044 for Great Britain) is the conventional spelling. The two zeros in the country code according to traditional notation are also called the traffic elimination number. It shows, so to speak, that you want to call abroad. The traffic elimination rate doesn't always have to be 00 be. It depends much more on the country in which you are located, which traffic elimination number is the right one. The 00 from the traffic elimination number is only ever a recommendation to individual countries. Not all countries adhere to this recommendation (which incidentally is issued by the International Telecommunication Union, ITU for short) and so some countries in the world have a different traffic elimination rate than others. If you are in these countries, you have to choose a different sequence of digits in order to be able to make international calls. Examples of countries with a different traffic elimination rate are America (United States) and Canada. If you want to make calls abroad here, you have to use 011 as the traffic elimination number. Example: If you want to make an international call to Great Britain from the USA, you do not dial 0044 in advance, but instead 01144.

For cell phone calls that became + Introduced as a placeholder. International phone number formats can be mapped consistently and nobody needs to worry about which traffic code is the right one (e.g. when saving phone numbers in the phone book). The + works in almost all cellular networks around the world. With the mobile phone you can dial in advance for a call from the USA to Great Britain almost anywhere in the world and you do not need to worry about the corresponding traffic elimination number.

Example of using the UK country code:
If you want to call 0234 (as an example of the national area code) 9876543 (the number of the connection) in the UK, please dial the following number on your telephone: 0044 234 9876543

More information on Great Britain

Would you like to call the capital London or another city in Great Britain (Europe) with the international code +44? So that you know immediately where you are going to call, we have gathered the most important geographical information about Great Britain for you. Here are the most important facts about Great Britain at a glance:

Capital: London
Population: around 60,462,600 inhabitants
Surface: Approximately 219,400 square kilometers
UK domain extension: co.uk
Official languages ​​spoken: English

Further area codes for countries in Europe to the country code +44